CB200X Bookings Open: Here is When Deliveries Will Commence

Honda CB200X deliveries are likely to commence from middle of next month. Bookings have opened and the motorcycle will start reaching dealerships from early next month onwards…

We thought today could just be the unveiling of Honda’s new product and its launch along with price reveal may happen later – like it was the case with Hornet 180. However, Honda actually went onto announce the prices of the CB200X, along with many other details (check them here).

So, the CB200X bookings have started from today. Customers can secure their motorcycles by paying a sum of Rs 2000 offline or online. Here is the direct link to the official booking page. If you want to do it in person, you can visit any authorized dealership since CB200X will be sold from the conventional network that Honda calls as Red Wing.

honda cb200x deliveries

Honda CB200X Deliveries

Bookings sorted, but what about deliveries? Honda says that it will start dispatching the CB200X to dealerships around the later part of the first week of September to mid-month. So, expect the motorcycle to start reaching dealerships by middle of September in a phasewise manner. Touch and feel, along with test rides will start from hereon.

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Deliveries will commence as soon as showrooms get stocked with the new ADV from the company – expected to be between 15-30th September.

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CB200X is an important motorcycle from Honda and it has already created quite a stir in the market. It sits in a space where there are not many direct competitors, so there is always an initial mover advantage. It will be interesting to see if this hype turns into sales..