Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Review by Prem

I am a big fan of bikes and from my college times I always wanted to have a bike but never had a chance as it was not allowed to keep bike in my college and ofcourse my father was not going to give me one as well. I passed from college, got a good job with handsome salary but then another hurdle!

I started feling my responsibilities towards my family and had to always contribute towards family expenses. I have girlfriend from college time and used to think about going on long drive on bike with her but my badluck! I had to always borrow bike from my friends and I didn’t like that very much.

Time passed and it was 2 years since I passed from college and I didn’t have my bike. I applied for other jobs and got a new one with salary doubled. O My GOD! I got the chance. I started thinking about taking a bike. Started to visit sites for bike reviews and joined bike advice for regular udates regarding bikes.

I got too much information about bikes from bike advice and after taking a look of details I had to make a choice between Pulsar150 and Honda Unicorn Dazzler 150. As I always go with popular choice, I decided to buy a Pulsar 150cc. I was discussing it with my friends and one of them told me about experience of Honda CB Uunicorn Dazzler.

Once I thought that i would not change my opinion but when he insisted again and again we went to take a test ride of Dazzler. Believe me. I took the test ride in busy rodes of Noida and the moment I experienced ridiing. I changed my opinion and became a fan of the bike. My decision changed from Pulsar to Unicorn Dazzler.

There was still something to come in my way. I came to know through HR persons of my new company that a person having a car in his name will get allowance of 75 litre of petrol per month while a person owning a bike will get allowance of 25 litres of petrol.

Now it was the examination of my love for Bike. I had to choose to either purchase a car on EMI or a bike. I thought once.. twice..thrice and asked my girlfriend as well and I decided (rather we decided) to go for bike as we both enjoy so much on bike.

I went with my friend to purchase bike and decided to have a black one. As we had honda showroom 90 kms away from our residence, I got a chance to drive my bike on the very first day for 90 kms. This is how I got my second love (of course it is first as I love bike from time when I had not met my GF but I can’t mention it openly).

Now I would share some experience of my bike. It has a strong masculine and sporty look. I usually drive at higher speeds if road is good and in this condition I believe in just few parameters of bike. Excellent braking and good balance. I found both of these features in Dazzler.

Initially i felt some problem as I had no experience of bike with front and rear disc brakes but by luck I read the article about good braking on bike advice and used the same and it is perfect even in very high speeds with Dazzler. I apply both brakes lightly and release and apply again and my bike never skids.

I have achieved maximum speed of 115km/h with my bike till now with two persons riding but i have not tried the maximum speed with full throttle for long time till now. The noiseless Honda Unicorn engines steals my heart everytime I compare it with other bikes. The bike has almost zero vibration. I feel a very little vibration in fifth gear between 4000 to 5000 rpm and above that, it runs very smoothly.

I have tested the average and found it around 52.3kmpl with maximum highway driving and little in city. So fuel efficiency wise I am satisfied. Pickup of the bike is good but not as good as i feel Bajaj bikes are. I am personally very much satisfied with its mono suspension and everybody who sits with me on it, appreciates the same.

The bike has digital speedometer/odometer with light blue backlight which looks very nice in night. The display of the bike also shows the Time which is a nice addition to the display as a person will not have to look at wrist watch or will not have to stop to watch time in mobile. As the bike is not having kick start option I had little doubt whether the self start will work in cold start perfectly or not.

But I was wrong. I purchased the bike in winter and I use choke to start in cold start condition and I rarely press the ignition switch twice. So self start of the bike is perfect and will never let you down in front of your friends. Till now I haven’t spent any amount on maintenance except for oil change in free service.

My daily driving is on bumpy roads and it runs fine without any problem. So overall if I rate my bike as per my expectations I would like to give it 9.0/10 marks among 150cc bikes as it has some added features like monosuspension, rear and front disc brakes and digital clock in display. I have not given it 10 for the reason that I may face some problem or I may have missed some parameters to consider.

I am writing the review for the first time and I would like to thanks Deepak for encouraging the bike owners to write review and give us a platform to discuss important issues regarding bikes.

Prem Prakash Rai