Honda CB Twister Ownership Review by Venkat

Hello everyone, I finally opted for Honda CB Twister (Black). It’s amazing. I felt smooth riding without engine snatching as in other 110 cc segment bikes. However I couldn’t exceed 40 Kms just to check the mileage before the 1st service. So far, I’ve driven 40 Kms only. Let me update you on mileage. I opted for accessories as well which includes saree guard, wheel lock, helmet lock , mud guard, seat cover and body cover. Pillion riders may feel a bit odd. However, they too would feel good If they are used to It.

It’s so stylish and has got sporty look and gives me immense pleasure during the ride at economy mode (40-50 km/hr speed . Let me update you on fuel economy shortly. I was worried Initially due to budget that I had to spend for a commuter bike. Finally after comparing all other bikes (Hero Honda Passion Pro (didn’t like the colour graphics and no use in digital Indicator as it doesn’t display numbers in large size and costs more or less same as that of Honda Twister)).

Bajaj Discover though India’s largest selling and fuel efficient bike, I didn’t like the colour graphics and the bike appeared to be more common , Suzuki Zeus (didn’t like the riding comfort), I voted for Honda CB Twister. It has got a twist. Though customer reviews reveal that It gives 65-75 kmpl on highways. I don’t mind If the bike doesn’t give 65 Kmpl but I’m pretty much positive that I would get atleast 55-60 kmpl on rough terrains as in local roads.

I thank god that I haven’t decided TVS Jive as It has several flaws as mentioned by many customers and I even felt the vibration In 40-50 km/hr speed. Gear shift was not smooth. Pick up power Is not optimised. Though TVS has revealed clutchless technology, the same Is not very much Impressive and has got unjustifiable flaws.

Twister’s vote for the following reasons:

  1. Very stylish design
  2. Aerodynamically designed with additional front cowls that drives In coming air towards engine for better engine cooling
  3. Affordable bike (51,500 INR – on road). If you could compromise on price a bit with few or more bucks here and there, you could get Immensely satisfied In getting what you want. I agree that not all features would be present In your dream bike. However we can compromise on certain things but not main factors like engine quality, riding comfort , fuel economy, and finally good aesthetics )
  4. Excellent aesthetics (it might look odd for others. But definitely It has got so many twists In It’s body that gives a stunning look)

What else Is required ? I’m not recommending any one to opt this bike as every individual has their own tastes. But if somebody else’s tastes match with mine, then I do recommend them to go with Honda CB Twister (Wake up to a dream!)

– Venkat