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Hi everybody, I am Parvez from Pune city . Today I am honored & delighted to share with you all my experiences with the awesome Honda CB Trigger.

Honda-CB-Trigger-Pic-Review (8)I always dreamt of owning a bike during my college days but at that point in time my financial condition was not good so I had to use the local buses for commuting. I always hoped that one day I will have my dream bike.

Yamaha RX135

A few years later I needed a bike to commute to daily work but could not purchase a new bike so I bought a 1999 used Yamaha RX135, one can get good bargains at the Sunday bike market at Aurangabad. The RX135 needed some parts and good servicing after which it served me well for the next few years.

I moved to Pune five years ago, my work place was nearby so my RX135 was good for the short distance. My RX135 was easy to ride, had good power, the downside was it was burning a hole in my pocket as the mileage was around 20 to 25km/l but I did not mind the poor mileage as I was saving some money to buy a new bike, another reason was I got married and needed a good stylish bike.


I was not until June 2013 some changes occurred in my daily routine, I had shifted to another job in Pune which needed me to travel in city around 50kms/day. This prompted me to seriously consider getting a new stylish bike in the market and jotted the features that should be there in my bike regardless of the bike brand & model.

My Short List of Features

So the features I finally listed that I should be looking to choose the bike were – Rear monoshocks, fully digital instrument panel, front disc brake, tubeless tyres, aggressive petrol tank design, full foot pedal to shift gears in traffic easily, wider rear tyres for better road grip, broad silencer, full chain guard to protect the chain from rains & dust, electric start, kick start for rainy and cold days, center stand for parking, powerful headlights, engine kill switch, good pick up, decent mileage, black color of bike, 150cc engine preferably and the price range around Rs. 80k.

Honda-CB-Trigger-Pic-Review (2)

Shortlisted Bikes

I shortlisted a few bikes that I reviewed on the internet, got the addresses of the local dealers and test rode these bikes – Yamaha FZ-16, Suzuki GS150R , Apache 160RTR , Hero Xtreme , Bajaj Pulsar 200NS , Yamaha SZ-RR and Honda Unicorn. I ticked off the features each bike had on my list carefully and finally narrowed my choice between Yamaha FZ-16 and Apache 160RTR . I had not test rode the Honda Unicorn , so before making my decision I went to the Honda showroom for a test drive of the Honda Unicorn.

The Honda company Unicorn did not update the model since its launch a decade age so it had slightly outdated looks although the ride comfort was decent. I felt the Honda Unicorn outgunned compared to the newer bikes in the market, so I dropped Honda Unicorn among my choices. The Honda CB Dazzler was a good option but it still lacked many features I had listed, besides the Honda company was discontinuing the model. It was at that particular moment when I was thinking of going back to my final choices of Yamaha FZ16 and Apache 160RTR that I spotted a stunning black Honda CB Trigger on display at the Honda showroom.

Honda-CB-Trigger-Pic-Review (9)

I was awestruck by its silent, dark and stunning looks,the Honda CB Trigger ticked off all the features that I had on my list except for the engine kill switch feature. The salesman told me that the recently launched Honda CB Trigger 150cc bike is a mini-replica of Honda CB1000R naked bike. I enquired about purchasing the deluxe version of CB Trigger, salesman responded by mentioning that the waiting period for the deluxe CB Trigger was minimum of one to two months. The standard version of CB Trigger was better priced and available with the dealer.

I paid a token amount to the dealer and booked the CB Trigger standard version in black color . They promised me that as soon as the full payment is received I would get the bike in two days. I paid the balance money for the bike in three days time and after the formalities were done the dealer said that they will call me in a couple of days. I went home happy that I finally bought the bike I wanted since many years. I browsed the internet for the reviews and articles of Honda CB Trigger which mentioned that most of its design was drawn from the Honda CB1000R . Honda company had kept the dry weight of Honda CB Trigger at 137kgs and installed the tweaked up Honda 150cc engine delivering more power and mileage, the result is a lighter bike with more power.

Honda-CB-Trigger-Pic-Review (4)

I kept waiting the next couple of days for the call from Honda showroom but it appeared to me that time was dragging slowly. My waiting finally ended when I got a call from the Honda showroom that my bike is ready for delivery. I rushed to the Honda showroom and my heart skipped beats and I was emotional when I saw my black steed. The salesman handed me the keys of the bike. I started the engine slowly it sounded soft like a small baby. The engine on road felt smooth and the bike was easy to handle in city traffic on the way home.

I reached home where my family was eagerly waiting for me to bring in the new bike, everybody loved it. I thanked God that night for making my dream come true. The bike has a prompt response when you start it, the height of the bike and seat is comfortable to ride, no problems in making tight corners or on bumpy roads, seating is comfortable for the pillion rider too. My wife gave a thumbs up on choosing this bike as she felt very comfortable when I took her for a spin around the city in my new bike.

Honda-CB-Trigger-Pic-Review (6)

I my honest opinion this bike is the best 150cc bike in our country at the moment, fully packed with features that even other bigger bikes lack. In addition the Honda CB Trigger does not have any fancy fairing, it has a practical and attractive naked streetbike looks and power.

The small airscoops beneath the muscular petrol tank serve to direct the air to cool the engine while riding the bike. This bike can be a brat on weekends when you loosen up your shirt and pants a bit and hit the highways to have some wild time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I travelled on the highway from Pune to Lonavala last month and the bike felt solid and lent a big bike feel.

Whenever I stopped to take snacks at the Dhabas, other bikers would ask me about the bike. The natural beauty of the hilly terrain made my trip memorable, there were sharp bends and curves and the bike felt stable and safe. On a straight strip of road I would give some throttle to feels its power. The bike got lots of power to sneak silently behind unsuspecting bikes like Yamaha FZ16 and Apache and give them a run for their money.

I have completed two free bike services at the Honda service center and also got Teflon coating done once. I got a mileage of around 50kmpl in city traffic and 55km plus on highways which I think is a real advantage in 150cc bike segment as the petrol prices are always shooting upwards. I have completed close to 3700kms my bike and it feels smooth rev friendly bike.

I haven”t found issues with maintenance so far and the bike is nicely tuned. One thing that would be really useful was to add a rear tyre mudguard, I wish Honda company installs it or provide accessory kits to install it.

Honda-CB-Trigger-Pic-Review (7)

I find a lot of false information about the Honda CB Trigger on the internet but all that is not true. You will change your perception for the better when you test ride and own this bike. Regarding the vibrations people experience after 60km speed is a myth because I did not feel anything like that even when I touch 90km speed on highways. The bike accelerates smoothly up to 90kms which is the maximum speed I have touched till date on this bike.

I noticed many bikers and passerby people casting their looks on my black CB Trigger with its shining Honda emblem on the petrol tank gives it an awesome look. This bike has mind-blowing features, solid performance, well-thought out design with a decent price tag giving you value for money. This bike is good for city commuting as the clutch is easy to shift gears in bumper to bumper city traffic. On the other hand long rides will be comfortable and it is good for touring.

As for me I am enjoying every moment of my life with this bike and take good care of it. I feel as it were a part of my family and feel proud of owning my dream machine. Thanks everybody for letting me share my story with all of you…


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