RE Himalayan 410 to be Launched in USA & Malaysia Next Year

Himalayan USA launch will be a test of the motorcycle’s quality…

Himalayan has had a terrible run in India primarily because of the shoddy build quality it came with. However, Royal Enfield, after a 5-6 month hiatus, has brought the motorcycle back and in its newer BS4 avatar the company says it is issue-free (more details). That will obviously be known in due coarse of time but RE has already announced that they will make a bigger Himalayan, which is believed to be the one with the upcoming 650 cc twin cylinder engine which is set to debut on the Interceptor and CGT 650 next year.

Himalayan USA Launch

Now that the company feels that they are settled with the product they are taking it to mature markets. As per a report on, the Himalayan 410 (ie the current single cylinder version) will be launched in USA in the summer of 2018. The made in India motorcycle will retail at $ 4499 (about 2.90 Lakh in INR) which will be lesser than the competition it will have there – Honda CRF250 Rally ($ 5899), Versys X300 ($ 5399) and the BMW G310 GS which is also manufactured in India.

Going will not be easy for the motorcycle which is known to be notorious with its quality and reliability. Royal Enfield could continue selling the sub-standard motorcycle in India since we do not have many rules but in the USA, if they do not adhere to the basic quality guidelines they will not be able to sell it there for a long time.

Apart from this, Royal Enfield also has plans to introduce the Himalayan in Malaysia in the first half of 2018, according to a report at

Himalayan USA Launch

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The export motorcycles are expected to continue with the same specs and not many changes apart from the country-specific regulation related alterations, are expected. We will be keeping a close watch as to how the Himalayan performs in these countries, specially in terms of quality issues/niggles.