First BS VI Motorcycle: Hero Says it’s Coming Soon

Hero’s First BSVI motorcycle launch is ‘soon’ says a top company official but which one will it be..?

India is leapfrogging from the current Bharat Stage IV emission norms to BS VI which will come into effect from April next year. This means that manufacturers will not be able to produce outdated, non-adhering models after this date. For makers, this is a big technological change and will entail a lot of research & development, resources and money. They will also have to find out ways to keep the quantum of hike bare minimum for the end customer who is already fazed by the recent price hikes resulted by the ABS/CBS mandate and 5-year compulsory insurance.

Hero’s First BSVI Motorcycle Launch

Moreover, they will also have to plan out their launches so that they do not lose out to their competition. Hero, the largest motorcycle seller of the country, will be launching its first BSVI ready product ‘soon’. This was revealed by Niranjan Gupta, Chief Financial Officer at Hero MotoCorp according to a report at Economic Times.

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Gupta elaborated that it will be a motorcycle which, we believe, will be one in their fast moving entry level space. If this ‘soon’ is soon enough Hero may become the first maker to introduce a BS VI motorcycle in the market. He added that more products will be added to this list sequentially, ahead of the 1st April 2020 deadline. Fuel injection could turn out to be an important technology which can help manufacturers transform their existing BSIV-compliant engines to the upcoming emission norms.

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Hero's First BSVI motorcycle launch
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Hero recently launched three new motorcycles in the premium 200cc space under its ‘X’ brand. Though most of them come equipped with a carburettor, it is possible that they may get fuel injection in the times to come to be closer to the Bharat Stage VI adherence. Apart from this, Hero also has the 125cc Maestro Edge as well as new Pleasure scooters in the pipeline.