Hero ‘XTEC’ Name Registered; What is IT…?

Hero XTEC name has been trademarked by the company. It could be the bigger-than-Xpulse ADV or it could be an electric 2-wheeler…?

Every manufacturer has to register names of the upcoming motorcycles that it intends to launch with the IP and Trade Mark Department of the Indian Government. This gives them the sole right to use that branding so that rivals can not take advantage of the cult that gets developed.

In a latest development, Hero has filed for the trademark ‘XTEC‘. It has been described as ‘Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water‘. This is a typical definition of an upcoming motorcycle. The Delhi based maker has received the sole rights to use this brand in November 2020.

Hero XTEC – What…?

Now the question is – what could Hero Xtec be?

Considering that Hero uses ‘X’ brand for its sportier motorcycles (like Xpulse 200, Xtreme 160R, etc), this is likely to be another motorcycle. The word out on the internet is that it could be the smaller Xpulse based ADV with the Xtreme 160R’s engine.

hero xtec

However, I believe there may not be such an ADV. Or if there would be one, it could simply be called as Xpulse 160 or something similar. XTEC branding could be for something different, most probably something bigger. Does that lead us to the Hero’s next, near 300cc ADV that it showcased earlier this year to the world? Here are more details on it.

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Then there is always the possibility of XTEC being an electric 2-wheeler from the company – probably its first.

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Anyway, we have got the first sneaks that something is cooking at Hero. We shall come to know more about it in the days to come…