Hero XPulse 200 Pic Gallery

Xpulse 200 Pics – Gives us an idea of how good does it look…

The most interesting motorcycle and the one which was badly awaited – Hero Xpulse 200 ADV has finally been launched in India today. You can read the launch article here and check out this quick pic gallery of the 200c ADV…


Xpulse 200 Pics


As you can see both the motorcycles are bare basic in form – ie they do not have a lot of parts which can break upon a fall, or get loose and create noise during off-roads. However, despite its very simple design and mechanicals, Royal Enfield messed up the motorcycle. Let us hope the Hero is a more reliable ADV!

Surprise! Full Faired Xtreme 200S Launched at ₹ 98,500

XPulse 200 Pics