Official: Hero Clarifies Xpulse 200T & Xtreme 200S BS6 Coming Soon

Hero Xpulse 200T & Xtreme 200S BS6 launch soon according to the latest update from the company. What happens to the Xtreme 200R but…?

Towards the early part of this month, Hero updated its official website with all the BS6 models it is currently selling. In the process, it also deleted names of products which have not been updated – which included the Xtreme 200S, Xtreme 200R and the Xpulse 200T (link to our report). Though the BS6 Xpulse 200 ADV hasn’t been introduced yet, its specs were officially revealed and updated on the website.

Along with it Hero also listed another upcoming model – Xtreme 160R on its website. This left a suspicion that ‘has Hero dropped names of motorcycles which it won’t update to BS6?’. It surprised everyone considering that the above mentioned 200s, which were not a part of the product list, were launched only last year.

However, to clear the confusion, Hero has updated its website and relisted the Xpulse 200T and the Xtreme 200S. Though the website still shows the BS4 versions of these motorcycles, the new banners on both the pages specify ‘BS6 model coming soon…‘. Additionally, the specs pages also clear ‘BS6 specifications to be updated‘. You can check these pages here and here.

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This is an official confirmation that Hero is taking at least three of its 200cc motorcycles to BS6. We do not have a very clear update on the absence of the Xtreme 200R. Will Hero add the motorcycle to its website soon? Is Hero considering to drop it and the new Xtreme 160R may, kind of, take its place with a broader line of variants? Let us wait and see…