Hero Silently Changing Parts of Maestro Edge & Duet, Denies Recall

Do you own a Maestro Edge or Duet – the two recently launched scooters which are completely developed by Hero ingeniously? If yes, chances are that Hero has or is about to change some of your scooter’s parts very silently.

Basically, Motorbeam has accessed some leaked documents (which were intended for internal information) which instructed dealerships to change the following four parts from Maestro Edge and Duet – all variants…

  1. Crankshaft
  2. CDI
  3. Flywheel
  4. Face Comp Drive

It is absolutely not wrong to better your product but doing that silently (ie changing parts without informing the customer) is and even worse is the fact that they denied the report as ‘factually incorrect’ and ‘unsubstantiated’!

It would not be wrong if Hero would have officially recalled both the scooters, contacted the owners and changed the parts keeping the owners in the know, like how all ‘good’ manufacturers do. Very recently, Yamaha recalled their R3 for the second time without worrying about the image. Understand, recall is ethical, very ethical! Not recalling a known faulty product/part is not!

Apart from these parts, it is reported that the carburetor of Maestro Edge was also replaced due to some quality issues and even the replaced carb is also not upto the mark.

Various online forums are filled with issues being faced by owners of Maestro Edge and Duet. If you are an owner of either of these scooters, do share your experiences with us in the comments below…

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