Hero MotoCorp Sales June 2022 – Domestic Sales Grew by 3.35%, Exports Shrunk Again

Hero Sales for June 2022 have been a mixed bag in various comparisons… Scooter sales struggled in 2 categories last month…

Hero Motocorp have revealed their sales numbers for June 2022. 

The Domestic Sales see a positive growth compared to last year’s sales. Exports this time dropped significantly for the company. 

The company has registered Gross Sales of 4,84,867 units sold in the month of June 2022, up by 3.35% compared to 4,69,160 units sold in June 2021. 

Hero MotoCorp Two-wheeler Sales June 2022

Year-over-Year Sales

Motorcycles – Motorcycle sales grew by 4.50%, increasing from 4,41536 units sold last year to 4,61,421 units sold in June 2022. 

Scooters – The scooters showed a decline last month. Their sales contracted by 15.12%. The sales decreased from 27,624 units in June 2021 to23,446 units in June 2022. 

The Domestic Sales registered a growth of 5.63%, selling 4,63,210 units in June 2022. 

The Exports, in contrast, were down, again, by 29.33%, registering 21,657 units in June 2022.

Hero YoY Sales June 2022June 2021% Change

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Month-over-Month Sales

The monthly sales comparison is a mixed bag for Hero MotoCorp. While some categories were up, the rest of them were down for June 2022.

Motorcycles – Motorcycles sales expanded by 2.03%, up from 4,52,246 units sold in May 2022.

Scooters – Conversely, the scooter category contracted by 31.96%, down from 34,458 units sold in May 2022. 

Hero MoM Sales June 2022May 2022% Change

The Domestic Sales were also down, declining by a small 0.70% MoM.

The Exports showed a positive trend and expanded by 7.01%, increasing slightly from 20,238 units registered in May 2022. 

The Total Sales of MoM, hence, contracted by a mere 0.28%. 

Year-to-Date Sales

The combined sales of the past three months – April, May & June 2022 – fared really good for Hero MotoCorp, except for one criterion – Exports

Motorcycles – Motorcycles sales expanded by 36.13%, up from 9,59,589 units sold in the same three months last year.

Scooters – Likewise, the scooter category grew by 29.24%, up from 64,918 units sold last year. 

Hero YTD Sales April – June 2022April – June 2021% Change

The Domestic Sales were also up, growing by 41.19% YTD.

The Exports, however, showed a contraction. It decreased by 25.98%, declining from 83,800 units registered in the same three months of last year. 

The Total Sales of MoM, hence, grew by 35.69%.