Hero Launches Splendor iSmart (with Start Stop) at Rs 47,250: Pics & Details

Hero has rolled out an all-new commuter bike – the “Splendor iSmart” with something called the ‘i3S Technology’. This rather natty moniker ‘i3S’ stands for ‘Idle Stop and Start System’.


When you come to a standstill and the bike is ideling; say at a traffic light junction, this ‘i3S’ automatically shuts off the engine to save on precious fuel. When you want to move on again, just press the clutch and the tiny 100cc engine will come back to life! Peachy!

Hero has applied for a patent for this technology and may introduce it later on to other models. This Start-Stop system is borrowed from bigger cars and is applied for the first time on a 2 wheeler.


The air-cooled OHC 4 stroker of the Splendor iSmart develops a max power of 7.8 PS at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.04 Nm at 4500 rpm. The iSmart also gets new design paint job, alloys, and meter console to differentiate it from its stable mates, especially, the Splendor NXG.

Splendor iSmart Colour Options:

It is available in four colors with what Hero calls ‘techno graphics’

  1. Sports Red
  2. Leaf Green
  3. Excellent Blue
  4. Heavy Grey


Our vote goes for Sports Red which is featured on this page.

Hero also has plans to roll newer versions of its models in India later this month.

The Expo 2014 displayed a remarkably exuberant Hero MotoCorp with over a dozen new products and concepts. The company has also forayed into Turkey in partnership with Asya Makina and the partnership already has as many as 50 outlets spread across that country.


Another Splendor – Cafe Racer Pro Classic. Click pic for details

Hero Splendor iSmart Prices:

The iSmart is available for the taking at all Hero dealerships:

  • INR 47,250-ex-showroom Delhi
  • INR 49,967-ex-showroom Mumbai
  • INR 48,192-ex-showroom Chennai
  • INR 48,549-ex-showroom Kolkata
  • INR 48,014-ex-showroom Bengaluru

Hero has a lot of different variants of Splendor, including the upcoming ‘Cafe Racer’ Splendor Pro Classic.