Report: Hero Unveils Cafe Racer Splendor Pro Classic & Passion Pro TR; Pics & Details

If Hero has retorted to it, we can put the final stamp that ‘Cafe Racer’ is the in thing today! Hero unveiled a Cafe Racer styled Splendor and a funny looking version of Passion called as Passion Pro TR.


Hero Splendor Pro Classic

The popular Hero Splendor’s new avatar, the Splendor Pro Classic was on display at the Hero pavilion at Auto Expo 2014. The bike gets a rounded headlight and rounded rear-view mirrors. The tail has been given the 60s cafe racer treatment. The company is calling it the 100cc cafe racer.

The Pro Classic comes with pretty much all the nuts, bolts and components plucked from Splendor parts bin and hence the similar performance figures. The tried-and-true air-cooled 97.2 cc four-stroker maxes out at 7.7 bhp at 7000 rpm and the max torque of 8.04Nm comes in at 4500 rpm. Gearing is 4-speed constant mesh and the braking is drum both wheels. The bike weighs about 109 kg.


Key features:

  • Café racer styling (is it the smallest capacity café racer in the world?)
  • Chrome plated fenders, rear suspension casing, indicators, and rear view mirrors.
  • Retro styled graphics.
  • Round headlight.
  • Short handle
  • Round taillight with integrated winkers.
  • APDV engine.

Splendor Pro Classic is homologated as a single seater. It is a fresh attempt by Hero to launch a salvo at the fast growing ‘Cafe Racer’ motorcycle culture. However, one really wishes to know why did Hero chose their least powered bike. A cafe racer should have some power to lug your weight, forget about speeding to cafes!

Nonetheless, according to Hero, they say they want to offer Cafe Racer styling to even the 100cc customers who have limited budgets and this actually is an experiment by the company to promote themselves as a youth-oriented manufacturer.

Passion Pro TR

Knobby tires, hand guards, metal-wire headlamp protectors…the new Passion Pro TR from Hero would like you to believe that it is ready for the next Dakar in a modest 100cc way. We say its a failed attempt!

Hero-Passion-Pro-TR-pics (6)

The Pro TR shares the same engine as the Splendor Pro Classic and similar output figures. The fuel tank capacity is 12.8 liters as compared to 11 liters of the Pro Classic. The Pro TR also gains weight because of the extra protection it gets for off-road duties and weighs in at 119 kg. The front wheel gets a 240mm-dia discs for more committed braking and the rear swing arm hydraulic shock absorber has 5 adjustable settings.

Key features:

  • High front fender with additional Hugger fender.
  • Handlebar with cross brace.
  • Engine bash plate.
  • Fuel tank with knee pads.
  • New body colors and graphics.

While Hero may believe they have got some good products in the market, they have left us confused in the innumerable Pros, Pluses they have launched the Splendors and Passions with. Nonetheless, make hay while the sun shines is their mantra and they are doing just that!

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