Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Review by Vivek

Hi friends, Here comes a story of mine, a big story which narrates my love towards Karizma. Before I start, I would like to thank BikeAdvice.in for providing such humongous platform for bike lovers like me to express their love towards their babies. A guy who inspired me to post this review is Mr. Shyam Prasad Nandigam; probably I would address him as one of the best owners for Karizma ZMR (Link to Shyam’s Review).

Here we go, as we all know, when a person attains his teenage, the craze for bikes increases 8 folds and I was no exception. Even a rich teenager would prefer buying a bike over a car. There are many reasons behind it and only god knows those. I am no exception when it comes to love towards bikes. I m Vivekanandhan residing in Madras, doing my final year studies.

I belong to a pure middle class family. Let get the story started from my flash back. When I was young, my family did not own any scooter or bike because back then bus was the cheapest and best mode to travel. Later in 1995 my dad came up with an idea of buying a moped, probably everyone knows it, its was nothing but TVS Champ.

I was too young at that time and knew nothing about bikes and scooters, if any one asks I would proudly say that my dad has a TVS Champ. Later my dad bought a bike that is still known for its charm and charisma, the very famous Splendor.

During late 1999 Splendor was the best motorcycle and I still remember those moments when I used to run out of the house just to get a glimpse of my dad’s new Splendor parked near the gate. It was 2003 then, I was watching TV and suddenly my eyes caught an advertisement. It was a bike’s advertisement which showcased a bike racing like a jet. I certainly could not believe it to be a bike until I saw the final portion of the ad with a voice saying Hero Honda Karizma (jet set go).

I was proud of the fact that our Splendor and the Karizma belong to the same brand name called Hero Honda. This bike (Karizma) that made every bike lover to go mad for it; that stunned its competitors with its performance, reliability and quality; that changed the biking level from commuting standards to performing standards did not spare me from going crazy for it!

On a fine night I was traveling with my dad and we stopped at a traffic signal and I was just seeing around when a bike with a stunning looks came near by. The only thing I was able to feel after I saw the bike was the whole idea of me riding that bike with my eyes. I was literally admiring the bike from its head to tail and was very much surprised to see the name “Karizma”.

I asked my dad to keep up with that bike so that I could have a clear view but as soon as the signal turned green it just flew off! Thanks to the experience, for the first time I came to know what goose bumps really are. It’s like falling in love with a girl at first sight and I was no exception. I understood what it fells to love someone at first sight. Yeah I felt for this lovely baby Karizma, strange but true.

I still remember that bike, it was a red Karizma! From my point of view I would address it as a Pioneer than a bike. I would most likely describe the bike as “A Pioneer created by Hero Honda”. Now at the age of 20 I got this pioneer machine with extra 3 letters ” ZMR” prefixed to it. Karizma already being a fantastic machine and it has made itself a legend with few upgrades that will make people go “Wow”.

Looks and Styling

The word style is very much suited to Karizma because of its extreme styling inbuilt. The prominent part of Karizma’s styling is perfectly carved aerodynamics. Hero Honda has worked enough to upgrade the styling of Karizma ZMR more than the older one. It’s a perfect example of “Definitely Male Styling” Oooops! I know the tag line “Definitely Male” reminds you of Pulsar but Karizma is no exception.

The best part of riding this bike is that it makes people want to turn their heads (Specially the girls) and envy and they call us “Karizma Boys”. This is surely a head turner at traffic signals and when the signals turns green I am the 1st to vroom off while others try to keep up with me to have another glimpse but they couldn’t.

These things remind me of my young age when I asked my dad to keep up with a Karizma and missed it. I usually see others trying hard to keep up with me in my rear view mirror.

Engine Performance

This is the primary part of any review and surely Karizma never fails to impress in this part. Having 17.6 bhp with a 223 cc engine this bike can hit 0-60 with in 5 seconds and can hit a top speed of 131 (127 claimed by Hero Honda). With effective gear ratios I am sure your Karizma ZMR can also touch 130 as mine. Overtaking is the easiest job when you are on this bike, shift down the gear, increase the throttle little and you will fly past others, few seconds later other bikes vanish from your rear view mirror too! I would call it as “Karizma Power”.

The “programmed electronic open loop fuel injector” adds more power to this Horse. The addition of six sensors has added refinement to the engine and hats off to Hero Honda for those!

Ride and Handling

Hero Honda is meant for providing perfect ergonomics and they have not failed this time too. Extreme comfort is the essence of ZMR. With its gas charged suspensions it provides superior rides even in the ugliest roads. As said by sham (in one of the earlier reviews) braking is designed to the core and one can completely trust those disc plates.

The MRF tyres provide good grip while cornering extremely. The quality of the engine can be felt from 3-6 rpm (fantastic smoothness).


Technology is not about building raw powers and increasing speed, its all about how you make a huge engine refined and smooth, how you make a 223cc stuff attain maximum mileage and Hero Honda did not fail here too.

This baby bike gives a solid mileage of 39 in cities and some where around 44 on highways. Empty your Karizma ZMR’S tank, fill it with a liter, take it to the highway, maintain constant speed between 45 to 60 and finally you will be surprised to see a 223 cc engine giving a mileage of 42+. This is what technology is.

Digital Console

The digital console in ZMR is unique. It Starts with a personalized message and ends with a ‘BYE’. It’s like the bike is maintaining a relationship with the owner. A light glows if there is any problem in the fuel injected engine, this I think is a step ahead than the other bikes. This console is a treat to eyes after sun.

Flying Safe

Few people were of the opinion that after I use my ZMR for few days I would loose my craziness for the bike! But in my case, I get a morale booster and a raw power like thing runs through my veins when ever I sit on my Karizma ZMR. The extravagant spree of excitement never dies within me. The days went by and I have completed 2k kms but I always wanted to ride my Karizma ZMR. The desire for it grows more and more.

Right from the days where I used to forget myself and see a Karizma on a road till this day where I own one for my own, my craze and love towards it has never been bit less. This pioneer is and always will be most precious gift to me for my lifetime! My message to all the bikers is; Love your bike and surely it will pay back its love to you in someway. Finally I conclude by saying “My Karizma, My Price”. Now fasten your helmets and fly safe, bon voyage!