Hero February 2022 Sales – Massive Drop in Scooters

Overall Hero February 2022 sales declined by almost 30 percent. Scooters are just not clicking for them. Exports were the only savior!

Hero Motocorp have revealed their sales numbers for February 2022. The only saving grace that can be said is the Export numbers registered by the company. 

The company has registered Gross Sales of 3,58,254 units in the month of February 2022, down a significant 29.12% compared to 5,05,467 units they managed in February 2021. 

Hero February 2022 Sales

Year-over-Year Sales

Motorcycles – The motorcycle sales dropped by 27.01%, dropping from 4,63,723 units last year to 3,38,454 units in the month of February 2022. 

Scooters – The scooters fared even worse. Their sales contracted by a massive 52.57%. Sales dropped from 41,744 units in February 2021 to a meager 19,800 units in February 2022. 

The Domestic Sales, therefore, saw a decline of 31.58%, only registering 3,31,462 units in February 2022. 

The Exports were up by 27.37%, registering 26,792 units in February 2022.

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hero february 2022 sales
The silver lining is that the brand has seen some traction in the premium motorcycle segment…

Month-over-Month Sales

Motorcycles – Following the trend, the motorcycle sales dropped by 5.42%, down from 3,57,845 units sold in January 2022.

Scooters – The scooter sales dropped by 12.51% – declined from 22,631 units sold in January 2022. 

The Domestic Sales followed suit, declining by 7.58% MoM.

The Exports showed a positive trend. They grew by a significant 22.81%, growing from 21,816 units registered in January 2022. 

The Total Sales MoM, however, declined by 5.84%. 

hero february 2022 sales

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Year-to-Date Sales 

Continuing the trend, the YTD Domestic Sales decreased by 16.37% while the YTD Exports expanded by a fairly impressive 67.45%. 

hero february 2022 sales

Hero MotoCorp are working up introduce their first electric 2-wheeler in the market which will, most probably, be a scooter this month.