Harley X440 – 5 Questions – Bookings, Availability, Deliveries [VIDEO]

When will Harley X440 deliveries start? Where can I book one? What about its availability? This & more in the story below..

Apart from the Triumph Speed 400, there has been a lot of interest in the Harley Davidson X440 as well. In case you have questions related to the roadster’s bookings, availability and deliveries, here is a quick story on that.

If you are in a hurry, you can simply watch the quick video below that answers five questions.

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Question: When do the bookings start? What is the booking amount?

Bookings started at 4.40 pm on 4th July 2023 and they are on. You can book your motorcycle by paying Rs 5000 which is fully refundable.

Question: Where will the motorcycle be available?

Harley’s smallest X440 is available at all Harley dealerships across India. It will also be sold through select Hero MotoCorp outlets as well. Do note that it has a widespread availability. I checked it for a relatively smaller city like Bhopal and they have a dealer who is delivering. This is in stark contrast with Triumph that currently only have about 15-20 dealerships (however, they have many more coming in).

harley x440 deliveries
The recently launched Harley X440 is made by Hero in India.

Question: How can you book a Harley X440?

You can book online at Harley-Davdisonx440.com or at Harley dealerships or the Hero showrooms that will house the x440.

Question: What is the price? Is it permanent?

There are three variants – Denim starts at 2.29 Lac, Vivid is priced at 2.49 Lac and top of the line S comes at 2.69 Lac. Unlike Triumph, that has cleared that the price, after first 10,000 customers, will change to Rs 2.33 Lac, Harley’s is fixed. However, do note that this, still, is tagged as an introductory price of the motorcycle and may increase if the company gets good initial traction.

Hero Developing Motorcycle Based on Harley X440; Launch This Fiscal

Question – Most important – When will the deliveries of Harley X440 start?
Deliveries of the Harley X440 will commence from October 2023 onwards ie in about three months from now. On the other hand, Bajaj is ready with the Speed 400 and it has promised to start delivering the motorcycle from within this month.