Suzuki GS150R Ownership Review by Sameer Shiraj

Hi Guys! I am a proud owner of GS150R. I bought this machine from SMK Suzuki, Porur, Chennai. It cost me Rs. 70K including accessories. I was impressed by some reviews and test drive so I will share my experience and honest analysis of this bike. To describe it in 3 B’s which are Best, Beauty and Beast!

Distance and Speed: I have finished 450kms after 3 weeks from buying date. During this period I did cross 6k rpm mark and went up to 75kmph. I went past 70kmph 4 times. Normally I maintain my bike between 40-50 KMPH except some powerful overtaking (60kmph+). I will summarize it like 80% time at 40-50kmph, 15% less than 40kmph and 5% above 50kmph. I will give the bike for first service in 2 days.

Mileage Calculation: Used R-R (Reserve to Reserve) method 3 time and got mileages 40,47,47

For the last one, once the fuel came to reserve I switched to reserve for a moment and then back to on. By this method I got 54kmpl but don’t know if it is accurate or not since extra fuel might have flowed from reserve.

Comfort and Control: Excellent! Front Discs brake is sharp enough to stop within few meters. Rear drum brake is quite disappointing. It handles potholes easily but bounces a bit on speed breakers.  It’s very flick able and stable too.  Got hit twice by 2 cars (front and back) but did not fall down due to balance and control.

Engine: I felt initial pick up was ok but once you reach 35+kmph your bike overtakes almost all vehicles due to demonic acceleration. The 13.8bhp engine does a pretty good job. The sound of the engine I felt was like a mini bullet (thumping sound… quiet) and its quietness reminds me of Honda Activa. 6th gear is a great boon for highways. In busy roads I drive in 4th or 5th gear.  Still its smooth like none other.

Electricals and Electronics: The horn is amazing, it sounds loud and neat almost like a car so that it is very useful while overtaking. The parking lights are very well designed. The Head light lacks focus but amazing brightness. The indicators on front and rear work like a charm. I love the brightness of tail light, damn amazing.

The Speedometer console rocks which shows big font speed, large tachometer, 2 trip meters, fuel and time. I must say very attractive design and useful console. Added to this it has an under seat space where you can keep documents, cloth and tools, excellent work here.


This is the most important segment. What today’s youth want in order of preferences(the factors):

  1. Sporty Looks
  2. Pick up
  3. Affordable Price Range
  4. Decent Mileage
  5. Comfort

Well! GS150R looks very attractive and stylish but not sporty enough as R15, Fazer and Apache. Though the stylish head and tail with alloy wheels do a great job overall, it could have had more stylish fuel tank, crash guard and naked chain. As far as speedometer is concerned it is very sporty and stylish. Definitely it’s a youth bike but not very sporty. But a few modifications such as snickering, mirror change, removing saree guard and chain case will make the bike much attractive than pulsar and apache.

Youth and Sporty looks (8/10) As far as initial pickup goes its fine for a 150cc bike but once you cross 40 you can accelerate faster than most bikes (Inc FZ) and overtake bus and trucks in 2 seconds. Compared to Apache, FZ it does have less initial pickup. The adrenaline rush is not present. But at top speeds above 110kmph only R15 can beat its acceleration (in 150cc segment).

Pick up (8/10) My GS150R cost me around Rs. 70,000 (on road including accessories). Hats off the price range, more worth than price. With its speedo console, build quality it is competitively priced. Definitely affordable for middle class and upper middle class people.

Affordable Price Range (10/10) Forget the word decent, let’s say great mileage. It gives minimum 50+ kmpl in city riding and 55+ kmpl in high ways. That’s much more for a 150cc, 150kg bike!!!

Decent Mileage (10/10)
Excellent! Smooth gear shifts, no false neutrals, both toe and heel shifter present. The double suspension handles rocky roads and potholes as some tar roads, very nice balance and control. Very much flick able and zap through corners and bends. Braking is excellent overall and control is great. Stability is amazing. I went up to 75kmph (before 1st service). The only sound was the wind in my face, no vibrations, no sounds, absolutely amazing.

Comfort (9/10)

Cons (Youth’s perspective): As every bike this has its minor cons, according to me:

  1. Initial pickup could have been better
  2. Could have had crash guard, better mirrors and naked chain.
  3. Bit heavy for heavy traffic handling but once you are average driver its easy.
  4. Colour choices and paint quality could have been better.

Overall a great bike! The best bike that i know which provides excellent  balance between looks, performance and cost. I am blessed enough to have this one. I chose Metallic Flint Grey color since it looks decent and attractive. I congratulate each GS150R owner and thank Suzuki for providing a masterpiece. Waiting for 1st service and will update soon!!!

Conclusion (9/10) Note: In major cities Suzuki Service is Good but limited number of service centers, I feel mine is too good, but it does not advertise its product no wonder many commuters have no clue even after seeing the bike’s name. But the product and Quality is excellent, Low maintenance and great service. Go for it only if you are near major cities. Happy biking -:)

After First Service:

Now completed 620kms. The minor issues I raised on first service was:

  • Headlight not focused
  • Fuel knob tightening
  • Brakes not sharp enough

After first service:

  • Headlights focused superbly
  • Pickup feels excellent
  • Brakes adjusted to my satisfaction
  • Bike feels brand new
  • Great customer treating and service overall

Now max speed I drove is 88 kmph on airport road. It was superb, the wind in my face with no engine noise! I mean it, damn happy 😀

– Sameer Shiraj