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The Seed

Location: Boring Cubicle of a leading IT company. Around 11:00am

Suddenly an email pops up. It’s from admin department saying the transport charges have been increased from Rs.800 to Rs.1400. This initiates a commotion in the entire ODC (Offshore Development Centre). People are saying “why the hell…” meanwhile I, with my hands on my forehead, whispered “what the F@#$….”

Yamaha-Fazer-Green-Review (1)

Previously, I had got the thought of getting a bike only twice.

  1. When my girlfriend (now my ex) came to college in my friend’s bike.
  2. When I was searching for a job, I had to roam around a lot.

But this was the moment that actually made me think about getting a bike seriously because it’s my hard earned money that was about to get wasted for nonsense company bus travel.

Next thing I found myself doing was calculating average cost that will incur upon me if I get a bike. I knew that I will be going for at least a 150 cc bike. So I shortlisted all the 150 cc segment bikes and started the analysis.

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The fodder and manure

The analysis phase was not that tough because I always wanted a looker + decent mileage. Based on this I had shortlisted below 2 bikes.

  1. Yamaha Fazer 150
  2. Hero Hunk 150

I was heavily confused with the 2 choices because the Devil inside me was cheering for Fazer and the Angel was rooting for Hunk. As matter of fact I always have a soft corner for my devil side. So my mind was leaning more towards Fazer. But still I decided to give Hunk a fair chance.

To clear out the confusion I had a conversation with my friends and colleagues.


  • Friends: Yamaha Fazer is the one bro. hunk will come second in front of Fazer’s looks.
  • Me: No justification needed.
  • Friends: By the way, why don’t you go for FZS or FZ16? Its 6-7k lesser than Fazer.
  • Me: Agreed. But I am not much a fan of naked sports bike. Also it’s too common now.

(Scorecard In my mind -> Fazer – 1 / Hunk – 0 …… oh yeaahh…!!!)

Yamaha-Fazer-Green-Review (8)


  • Friends: Hunk will be the winner here.
  • Me: Ok but how much?…..
  • Friends: Around 50-55Kmpl
  • Me: Ok. And Fazer will give 40-45Kmpl
  • Friends: So Hunk is the winner here bro.
  • Me: Yes. I have to agree

(…..Fazer – 1 / Hunk – 1 ……not good….. !!!)


  • Friends: Both are reliable machines
  • Me (in a persuasive tone): Agreed. But still don’t you guys think Yamaha machines are more reliable?
  • Friends: Can’t say that. Never heard hero (then Hero Honda) as a trouble maker.
  • Me: Ok (still sad)

(……Fazer – 2 / Hunk – 2 …… hmmm…!!!)


  • Friends: Yamaha will win here because all the Yamaha bikes are well tuned and refined for performance.
  • Me (excitingly): Yeah man….that’s the reason they have less mileage than others. A Yamaha engine can be always vouched for its performance.
  • Friends: Also engine of FZ/Fazer is very smooth. Will take any sort of beating.
  • Me: Hero engines are also good but heard of complaints regarding vibes at higher rpm after some time. But Yamaha is the real performer.

(……Fazer – 3 / Hunk – 2 …… now we are back in business baby….…!)

Yamaha-Fazer-Green-Review (6)


  • Friends: Yamaha got better handling between the both. Fun to navigate in traffic.
  • Me: Yes…..because of its fat rear tyre.

(……Fazer – 4 / Hunk – 2 …… life is wonderful……!)


  • Friends: Both are Winner here. Since both are maintenance free bike if proper care taken like regular servicing etc.
  • Me: Got it.

(……Fazer – 5 / Hunk – 3 …………oh boy……!)

After sales:

  • Friends: Yamaha have got good after sales team in Mumbai. So does Hero.
  • Me: here too both win right?

(……Fazer – 6 / Hunk – 4 ………Yes Yamaha ……!)

The Sprout

The main oppositions (drawbacks) I had in my mind for Yamaha Fazer are given below. But still I wanted her badly and my devil mind gave proper justification for each opposition.

  • High pricing for a 150cc bike – Dude….u r earning now for yourself. When will you spend on yourself if not now? Pamper yourself. Go ahead. 
  • Low mileage (not so low for me) – Dude…. I think gone are the days when people used to think about mileage. That’s why motorbike companies are launching higher CC bikes and people are even buying them. And still with 40-45Kmpl, your monthly cost will be around Rs.1100. Way low that Rs.1400 + 300 (rick to my home from office bus drop point) per month for company travel facility. Also flexibility to leave my office whenever I want, removing dependency on company bus.
  • Fiber body (repairing cost will be high in case of accident) – Accidents have to be tackled with insurance. Insurance will pay you 60-80% of amount. And ride her properly to avoid any accidents. Also Leg-guard will ensure the bike won’t fall directly on fairings or tanks. Touchwood by god’s grace I haven’t faced any such falling incidents till now.
  • Never made such a high amount purchase, will it be worth? – Dude….. If you want something so badly just go and get it. Don’t think about anything else. After all this analysis and discussions you still have her in your mind, don’t you? So again….. Just go and get it.

Yamaha-Fazer-Green-Review (7)

From the above analysis I concluded that Yamaha Fazer will be my first bike. Fact is I wanted to support my choice with above reasons.

That’s it. Before I change my mind I’ll go and book my dream bike. On 5th of July 2012 (Thursday, next day was my 25th birthday), went to Ganesh enterprises, Vikhroli and booked a cyber-green model (2011 – flaming graphics).

When I saw the new 2012 model I liked the new bigger pillion seat but hated the long rear fender. It completely concealed the rear tyre and thus killing my very own purpose….. THE LOOKS….!!!. I asked the dealer whether it can be removed. He said no. Because of which I dint went for 2012 model. Later I came to know the rear fender CAN BE removed. But nevertheless flaming green is better than 2012 green stripes…. Huh…!!

After the payment dealer told it will take a week’s time (next Friday) for all registration and other formalities. That is still one of the most horrible lines somebody has ever said to me.

With a heavy heart, I went home and was almost numb for remaining days (bit exaggeration).

Yamaha-Fazer-Green-Review (4)

Next week, Thursday, while I was in a meeting I got a call from an unknown number. I declined. Still got call from same number. Again I declined. This happened for few times and I was cursing this person whoever he/she was for keep on calling me even after declining.

After meeting I called back in angry tone and was so surprised to know it was my baby calling me. She had arrived at the showroom and was calling me to come and pick her. (Actually it was the showroom sales guy who called but still it was like your love returning from trip and calling you to pick her up…………..Never mind…..…!!)

I went to the showroom and saw her parked in front of the showroom. Sparkling new, with those amazing headlights, graphics, and tyres. I just loved her stance and still love it when she is parked on the side stand.

Completed all the required formalities somehow. The sales guy was explaining something and I still don’t know what he said as I was busy admiring her. The sales guy gave me the key. The demo guy took the key back and proceeded for ignition.

I stopped him like a possessive boyfriend and started her by myself.

Yamaha-Fazer-Green-Review (3)


Her first “Hello…!” to me.

From there I took her to temple. On the way everybody was looking at her beauty. At traffic signals people staring. Few of them asking “Dude……whats the average…” they used to get surprised when they heard 40-45KMPL. Did all the Pooja stuff. Then took her for number plate fixing. The shop guy even complimented me “Boss kya mast bike hai….” (Boss it’s an awesome bike…)..!!

I reached my office and showed it to my friends and colleagues. All the guys were like moving their palms through her tank, graphics and saying… “Wow…”

Girls were like…. “Vimal….when will you give me a ride…”…. That moment…..seriously guys…..it has to be felt to understand.

The Growth

After bringing the bike another big task for me was to carefully complete the Run-in period. As per my knowledge there are two types of run-in procedure.

  1. Without crossing 4k rpm till 1st 1000 km
  2. Without crossing 4k rpm till first 500km. then with occasional crossing 4k rpm till 5krpm for very short span.

I went ahead with 2nd procedure as I thought machine should be treated as a machine and should not be pampered always. The 1st 500 km was very irresistible period. I was so tempted to cross 4k rpm. But still I somehow managed to complete the run in period.

I didn’t face any major issues in that time. Except for electricals. The switches had to be lubed with WD-40 as it was rainy season. Also some minor vibes and roughness existed which is normal for a bike in Run-in period.

Experienced few punctures in rear tyre (around 4-5 times). After few initial times I made it a point to check the pressure level of rear tyre and always to be maintained at 34psi. Front tyre is rock solid and not a matter of concern. But see to it you don’t over fill the front tyre as it will have adverse impact on the front shocks and front T-Cone set.

She has completed 10000kms+ on her ODO. Mods done on her was to illuminate both headlights and some minor sticker work, replaced tail lamp with LEDs. The stock battery has an impact when you illuminate both headlights. It’s evident when you hear the horn sound. There is slight degradation in Fazer’s horn when both lights are illuminated hence I had to replace the tail lamp with LEDs. Apart from that it’s a “No Problem bike”.

I am not interested in any other mods like K&N etc. Currently, I am feeding her Motul Semi-synth oil 5100 15W50 and I am planning to do a shift to Full synthetic engine oil after 20k kms or so.

Black feels good when it’s shining or else it had to be matte finish. Since my bike consists of black panels in majority, I am using turtle wax to shine and keep the black colour intact and colour fading from side panels.

Yamaha-Fazer-Green-Review (2)

I would like to list down the necessary items used by me keep my bike new as showroom quality and preserve its performance. Hope it helps you guys too.

  • WD-40: water repellent spray. Dissolves rust. A must during rains. Never use it on Chain.
  • System-G: Cleans the entire fuel assembly. To be used twice on full tank fuelling, after every 5k kms. Enhances acceleration, throttle response and smoothens grunty exhaust note.
  • Tyre Pressure gauge: To check the tyre pressure.
  • MOTUL chain clean and Lube: To clean and lubricate the chain. Use every 500 kms interval.
  • SAE-90 oil: To lubricate the chain if not using MOTUL chain lube.
  • Collinite 845 liquid/Turtle Hard wax paste: Wax to clean and shine the bike surface.
  • Turtle Xtra Gloss Protective wax: Outer hard shell wax to be applied after above wax. Best for concealing purpose. Acts as water repellent. Enhances durability of shine.
  • Motomax Dashboard Polish (optional): used to polish faded plastic surfaces.

Every day when I come back from my office I park her go home and give her a look from my window again. I don’t know why I do this. It comes involuntary. But I get a kind of sweet feeling. May be a satisfaction thinking that ‘Yes…..she is my dream bike’.

So that’s all about my bike… my first love…..and she will always be special.

Thank you for reading such a long review – cum – my love story. You guys seriously have tons of patience. But still thank you from bottom of my heart. Before concluding, a suggestion from me. Think sensibly; calculate properly and set your priorities first. In the end just listen to your heart and choose your dream bike. Never ever choose anything that will make you regret later.

Had I chosen Hunk instead of Yamaha Fazer I would still regret my choice of buying Hunk whenever I see a Fazer pass by me because my priority was performance bike and looker. Had Mileage be my priority then it would have been vice versa. Hence, again, set your priorities first.

Always wear a HELMET because you need to stay safe when you are being HELL-MET..!! Adios amigos.

Vimal Kumar

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