Why Spend on Quality Helmet – Watch this Video

Spend generously; always buy a good quality helmet. Watch this video…

It is actually a matter of grave concern that we pay lakhs to own the motorcycle we love but we are absolute misers when it comes to taking out money for a helmet. This statement obviously ignores the absolutely ignorant souls who DO NOT wear a helmet at all!

But we learn from what we see – this is a proven fact! So, let us today, share a very basic but brilliant video which should compel you to at least T-H-I-N-K!

Buy Good Quality Helmet

Do not wear a helmet just because you spot a policemen at a naaka! Do not wear a helmet to flaunt! Wear it to save the most important part of your body – BRAIN! Remember, a very low-intensity impact to the head can lead to disastrous results in case of an accident.

Your reasons – “I am going bald“, “Helmet is causing a lot of dandruff“, “Where will I keep it?” etc hold no candle to that ONE UNKNOWN, NEVER-THOUGHT-OF Moment where it will save you!

good quality helmet

Always spend on good quality helmets, preferably which come with international safety standards like DOT, ECE, SNELL etc. Some good helmet brands are MT, Shark, LS2, SMK, HJC, Scorpion, Joe Rocket etc. Some of the best names in the industry are ARAI, Shoei, AGV etc.

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We can not really put a price range to the barrier but ensure you spend as much as you can for a safe helmet from a reputed manufacturer. Remember it is just that one fraction of a second that can make a difference of life and death!