Gixxer vs Hornet vs FZ in Sales: Why is Gixxer Losing Out?

Gixxer vs Hornet sales: Why is the Suzuki loosing? (April numbers updated)

It is always a biker’s requirement, priority and preference which make one particular bike ‘best-suited’ for him. Despite being in this era when most of the motorcycles are competitive, and generally you can not single out one motorcycle and say this one is the ‘best’, Suzuki’s Gixxer has been our favourite since the time it was introduced. It is a brilliant balance of everything – be it power delivery, poise, ride quality, fuel efficiency… everything!

All its rivals – Hornet, FZ etc, are very competitive but for its brilliant engineering, as a product, Gixxer stands out for us! However, this is not directly reflecting in its sales, specially in the last few months. For some reasons bikers are buying rival motorcycles over Gixxer and here is the proof…

FZ vs Gixxer vs Hornet Sales

In the month of April, Gixxer registered 3636 units, whereas Hornet is slowly getting back to its normalcy and FZ sold 20k units! Here are the comparable numbers for the last four months…

Motorcycle Sales (Since Jan 2018)
Hornet 160R 26,117
Gixxer Range 12,804
FZ 150 range 71,836

Numbers for Hornet would have been higher but they had the new 2018 variant planned, so production may have been affected (temporarily slowed or shut).

Hornet ABS Price

In the premium 150cc space, FZ range still holds the distinction of being the best seller. It sells 5 times more than Gixxer siblings. Even Hornet’s sales are double of Gixxers for the period under review!

GIXXER 250: Fresh Rumours Erupt Along with Aggressive Render Pics

In an exclusive update, we know Suzuki is preparing ABS for the naked Gixxer as well (check pics). Despite the introduction of ABS and other features, why, according to you, is Gixxer continuously sliding down the sales charts…?