30 PS, 135 kg: Gixxer SF 250 Race Bike Unveiled

Suzuki Gixxer SF250 race bike is significantly quicker and much lighter than the stock motorcycle you can buy for your road purposes…

If you are following us on Facebook, you would already know what we were riding this Sunday at Kari. If not, here is the revelation!

Suzuki has officially unveiled the new Gixxer SF250 Race Bike which will be used for Suzuki One Make Championship which is set to be introduced next year. As compared to the road-going MotoGP Edition, the race-spec bike packs in many changes to make it more track worthy.

It is shod with a custom made free flow exhaust which, the tuner informed, increases about 3-4 PS of peak power which means it now produces close to 30 PS, up from the current 26.5 PS of the commercial model. This exhaust is 5 kg lighter in weight than the stock dual-barrel exhaust. Suzuki further shares that the engine is bone stock and the ECU settings have also not been tampered with.

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Gixxer SF250 race bike

The clip-ons are low mounted and the rear footpegs are moved back and higher up – this helps in offering a more crouched riding posture and prevents scrapping of the footpegs on corners. Instead of MRFs, the race spec motorcycles are shod with extremely grippy Metzelers. The same specs of the stock tyres have been carried over.

Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 Review

The race bike also comes devoid of ABS, headlamps, side blinkers, saree guard, rear view mirrors, tail assembly and the oil cooler fan which results in weight savings of whopping ~25 kilograms!

Short Shift: Suzuki Gixxer SF Race Bike Review

Suzuki invited a few journalists to ride the motorcycle at Kari Motor Track Coimbatore and organised an endurance race, details of which we will share in a while…