Gixxer Mod: This Customized Gixxer Looks Menacing [Pics]

There is a lot of innovation if you see around you. For instance, check out this modified Gixxer which looks menacing and gives out couple of lessons to its manufacturers…

The modded Gixxer, pictures of which are shared at Gixxer Club Pondicherry, features a sinister twin-pod front bikini fairing and an elongated visor which is the most catchy part about it. The handlebar grips and rear view mirror stalks are chromed and also notice what appears to be the (GPS/mobile) holder on that handlebar.

In place of the conventional leg guard, it sports crash bobbings generally deployed on bigger motorcycles (with fairings). A dummy metal unit with three pipes is installed near the engine. We are not sure what purpose does it exactly serve but it immediately reminds us of the claw marks on the Mahindra Mojo and then we have the underbelly engine guard.

As we move to its tail, there is a Pulsar NS200-like tyre hugger which acts as a mudguard and also houses the registration plate, number plate bulb as well as the side blinkers and its fairly neatly done. The (probably split) seat has also been made more contoured which contemplates the overall flowing lines of the motorcycle.

Compare it with this Regular Gixxer

All in all, these cosmetic add-ons have enriched this Gixxer and it probably is the sexiest Gixxer mod we have seen so far. With respect to other changes, we are unaware if the owner has performed any mechanical tweaks to this motorcycle.

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Modded Gixxer: Pics