Bajaj has not launched a new Pulsar since the 200NS, which was a considerable time back. The company has been testing its upcoming 200SS for a long time now and everyone was expecting a festive season launch.


However, Bajaj decided to disappoint everyone and delayed the launch for reasons known only to them. However, in the first confirmation that the bike is all ready, Bajaj has showcased a sparkling new multi-colored Pulsar 200SS somewhere at an event in Turkey.


At this point we are unsure if this was a closed event, however thanks to Facebook user Rakesh Gowda we have the first absolutely clear uncamouflaged pics of a production spec 200SS. It looks exactly like the 400SS shown during the Auto Expo, with just a difference of new color scheme which is a mix of black, white and yellow..


Pulsar 200SS will be sharing the engine of its sibling naked 200NS which produces 23.52 PS of power at 9500 rpm and 18.3 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm. We are unsure at this point if there will be any significant changes to these specs. What we have a confirmation on is that the new 200SS gets fuel injected fuel-air supply which will help in increasing the fuel efficiency up a notch or two and will make the throttle response crisper. The fairing will definitely lead to extra body weight but it will also lend aerodynamic advantage over its naked sibling 200NS.


The package also gets those interesting tail lamps showcased on the 400SS. The first ever fully faired Pulsar will also come with projector headlamps. If both of them are projectors or not, we can not make out from these pics.


The 200NS costs Rs 85,690 (ex-showroom, Delhi), so if Bajaj manages to price the 200SS correctly, somewhere around a lakh rupees, it is going to be a real scorcher of a seller. However, we believe there are too many colors on this bike….

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  1. Hi, I dont like the tail section of new pulsar 200ss, the older pulsar 220 tail light design should have been carried over to the 200ss as i think it looks very strange and silly,

    • Neither the older or the newer tail section to carried over to this Full Faired Pulsar.
      They should build new tail section which is suitable for India. Consider the traffic conditions of India. If the tail light got a small thud from any side, the tail light will be on roads!

    • u were not at Auto Expo delhi ,, am i right ,,,,,,,?
      I have seen
      these in real at Auto expo ,,, one thing is sure no matter u will be in
      between superbikes on the road,, but u will be recognized just by
      taillight,,, from a particular distant thse looks awesome and from some angles u will not believe this is from Indian cmpny ,,,your eyes
      wil only stuck at them whn full lit,not forget aggressive front ,,, Expect smthng from a cmpny
      whuch has ruled this segment from decades even with presence from jap

      • I have a Bajaj Dealer right near my office so will wait to have a look of this thing directly.

        BTW i dont have the time apart from reading articles, so could not go to any expo’s ad am located very farther from the Capital.

      • But on the overall design ,,, it would get 2 resonses only
        One will get hit by it instantly as with me ,, other wil straight forward reject it ,,,

      • Haa,, I think Bajaj is the company which truly understands Indian market,,
        I remember first CBZ by herohonda way years back,,i was crazy 4 that,,, but then pulsar came and get evolved in 10 years constantly and CBZ got first graphics body change in 6 years,,dam,,, till at that time Pulsars were on Silver Alloy wheels with Nitrox absorbs,,,,, Pulsars is not perfect like today jap sons ,,,but it has survivied itself from the very beginning

      • Yes, Bajaj as a company has very good marketing strategy and knows Indian customers best. Meanwhile the products of Japs were costlier Bajaj offered similar things at a mouth watering price. I still remember the first CBZ was way too expensive at that time however pulsars were everywhere even though they were inferior in quality and durability.

      • Inferior in quality n durability== yes
        But there survival was due to the continous evolution,,, from genration to generation ,,,, Each new version pulsar was way ahead from the previous in every department,,, and look where the pulsar now stands,,, i contsantly chat with fellow bikes from Bangladesh,,some from Indonesia ,,and guess they what they much familiar with Pulsar,, It as a brand has projected the Bajaj Engineering strength,,,,,and what does Her+Honda bring to Cbz,,look at that ,,,a complete joke,,
        The point is yes they(Pulasr) were continous be in that state ,, all would have stopped buying that ,,but for decade long Crown ownership means they evolving each time at every level

      • Yes bro, Well as a company Bajaj is very much focused in getting a better portion of the pie so they are constantly evolving their products, however Honda+Hero were just relying on brand name and the initial fame that CBZ brought them.

        We have seen a lot of sticker/paint jobs from Hero Honda in the past, and Honda is still continuing it with their models that were launched almost a decade back. But look at Bajaj, Suzuki and TVS, they completely bring in new products but fail.

        I am not a fan of any of these companies but I would really like to see the Indian customers get better products and VFM and not be fooled by buying old things in a new packing.

  2. I am unsure why people start critisizing the moment Bajaj releases a new product!! The new Pulsar 200SS will surely win many hearts!! And seriously this bike looks 100% better than the Karizma R/ZMR or CBR250 on any given day!!
    Way to go Bajaj! m/


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