Clearest Spy Pics of Fazer 250; Should the Pulsar RS200 Worry?

Yamaha is getting their next quarter litre ready for our market ready. Based on the very potent FZ25, the next motorcycle to play in the 250 cc segment will be Fazer 250 which broke cover a few days back when it was spotted testing on the road for the first time.

Clearer pics of the faired FZ25 have surfaced at XBHP and we are beginning to feel that Yamaha has kept up with its uncanny knack of not going wrong with its fairing designs. From the sides it appears to be spot on, however, the front of the motorcycle has still not been uncovered yet.

Instead of the dual setup of the Fazer 150, there appears to be a single headlamp upfront which may carry LED lights like the FZ25. The seating posture is nice and upright and with those wind blasts taken care of by the fairing (and the niggle-free, reasonably powerful engine) we may be up for a real good long distance affordable tourer in the making, finally (Finally, because I feel Fazer 150 is just promoted as a tourer and does not come with many touring-friendly specifics)! Rest of the parts appear to be lifted straight from the FZ25’s bin.

Our team tried to zoom in on the tyres to understand if we can sneak in those magical ABS rings however, going by the angle of the pics it is unclear if the motorcycle sports the safety aid.

Fazer 250 Launch

Considering the fact that Yamaha is running it absolutely uncamouflaged (and their past history), rest assured launch is not too far away. I reckon Fazer 250 is definitely a festive season launch candidate and if Yamaha introduces it earlier, I will not be surprised.

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As we have analysed earlier, non-ABS variant of Fazer 250 should cost around 1.30 Lakhs and if there is an ABS version on offer, it should be around the 1.50 Lakh mark – both prices ex-showroom Delhi. This should make Bajaj worry because we are talking about a bigger capacity motorcycle from a company as adored as Yamaha, right under Pulsar RS200’s throat!

If our price estimates are correct, which one will you buy…

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