Facelifted Hero Xtreme’s Console Snapped; Looks Snazzy!!

A general outburst of rage and disbelief had washed over the interweb few days back, when the photos of the new Hero Karizma twins and the new Hero Xtreme as well were  spilled out. Nevertheless, there were a few fans who still believed Hero MotoCorp had a fight left in its belly. They appeared to be busy “CONSOLE”-ing themselves regarding the turn of events.

new hero xtreme console

It now emerges that their “CONSOLE”-ing efforts were not in vain!!

Latest snaps of the new Hero Xtreme have emerged and they show a very snazzy console, to say the least!! Thick outer edges of greyish-silver run around in a shape that reminds us of the logo used by the BadAss Metal Monsters in the very relatable series of Transformers flicks. Or is it something that resembles a Swat Cats logo?? The ball is in your courts, readers. The debate can go on. We will just say that this particular detail is one thing that Hero MotoCorp would like to remember in a pretty forgettable, despicable week that went by.

On the centre of the console lies the Multi-Information Display screen. Though we don’t have details, we feel it could throw up the speed in Km/h and a few more tid-bits like the odometer, trip meter and the time. A service-reminder would be very much in demand. Perched atop the display screen there is a chunky analog tachometer. The grainy image does show quite a few hints that the blue-backlight of the previous Xtreme could persist. On both the sides of the display screen, there could be indicators displaying the status of the turn indicators ( Whether in blinking state or not ) and the headlamp ( Whether in High or Low beam ).

The keyhole too is wrapped around by the fat, plump greyish-silver edges. Those edges sit against each other at “Xtreme” angles. We desperately wish Hero had tried incorporating such cues in the overall statement of the facelifted bike. It could have given rise to a justification for the bike’s name!!

new hero xtreme unveiled

However, this single piece isn’t enough to give rivals sleepless nights and post a turnaround. Take a look at the fuel tank. It looks piddly and puny!! There is absolutely no good contouring on the surface, and the lack of a muscular build makes matters worse. On top of that, Hero MotoCorp has bid adieu to the tank flaps as well as the underbelly engine fairing. The disappearance of the tank flaps and engine fairing is a quite regressive step, and reeks of complacency in Hero MotoCorp’s ranks.

Let’s hope Hero MotoCorp picks up a leaf from the console, and starts mending its ways.

Source –  MotorBeam