Heads Up – KTM Confirms Electric DUKE: Made in India?

An electric Duke may be great for KTM and the business but how do you foresee it as your next steed? This has been revealed by the maker officially…

Like it or not, the future of mobility is Electric. Every manufacturer – big or small – is putting most of its resources in creating their own version of the next-gen mobility solutions based on electric powertrains.

Be it motorcycles or scooters or bicycles, every two-wheeler is evolving into an electrically powered machine. And one of the latest examples of this evolution is KTM, Husqvarna and Bajaj. 

Pierer Mobility, owners of KTM & Husqvarna and Austrian Partners of Bajaj Auto, have recently published their preliminary revenues and earnings for the year 2021. And in this documentation, which is presented to their investors, Pierer Mobility have confirmed some very interesting developments. 

Confirmed Development of E-Pilen and E-Duke

It is known that Husqvaran has been developing their E-Pilen electric motorcycle as it has already showcased it at various occasions. But what came as a pleasant surprise (and seems logical too) is the confirmation of the fact that an electric Duke is under works as well. 

The document confirms that both the electrically powered siblings will share the same 5.5kWh fixed battery which will deliver the claimed nominal power of 10 kW (13.4 hp). 

electric duke

Alongwith E-Pilen and E-Duke, the document also showcased and confirmed development of the little E10 electric dirtbike and Freeride E LV model. 

The only difference we can see in the images is that, while the other three electric bikes are represented as computer renderings, the KTM E-Duke is the only bike which is represented by what appears to be a real prototype leaning on its side-stand. It provides the hint that the E-Duke is further along its development than we expect it to be.

electric duke

Bajaj Bringing A Twin? Recent Trademark Hints At It

Confirmed Development of Common Electric Two-wheeler Platform

The second most interesting development we found in the document is that Bajaj and KTM are working on a common 48-Volt electric two-wheeler platform.

It is confirmed that the products, which are under advanced stages of development, based on this common platform by Bajaj and KTM are planned to come into serial production in 2022 in India.

It is safe to assume that the recent announcement of Bajaj‚Äôs new EV manufacturing plant at Akurdi site in Pune, is the location from where these 48-volt vehicles will roll-out. 

Bajaj Auto has also stated that new vehicles will roll-out of this site as soon as in the next six months.

So, if you are a KTM rider, how do you foresee the prospect of an electric Duke…?