Bajaj Bringing A Twin? Recent Trademark Hints At It

Bajaj Twinner could be a twin cylinder motorcycle from the maker. It has received this patent to use on its future motorcycle models…

Tasting great success since 2001 from their Pulsar range of motorcycles, the ambitious Bajaj may just be considering venturing into a domain where not many Indian manufacturers have dared to go – a twin cylinder engine!

An online leak has revealed that Bajaj have filed for a trademark ‘TWINNER’ in 2020 and they have got the approval to use it very recently. 

Bajaj has always tried to make sub-brands. Their Pulsar range spawns truckloads of models. Similar is the case with other brands. To us, the name ‘Twinner’ suggests that it relates to an upcoming range of motorcycles which may feature twin-cylinder internal combustion engine configurations.

bajaj twinner

Another interesting point to note here is the description. If you see, there is no mention of ‘electric’ anywhere. Otherwise makers do tend to keep description of their patents as broad as possible. This firms up our belief that this could be an ICE engined twin cylinder platform.

Bajaj Auto have been working diligently for a while on their plans to conquer the middleweight segment with their own machines.

To achieve this goal of theirs, Bajaj have been making partners along the way to leverage their knowledge and experience. It started with acquiring 48% share in Pierer Mobility who owns KTM. This takes us to the already confirmed near 500cc platform that KTM is developing. Pierer, head of KTM, had also earlier revealed that motorcycles under this platform will be manufactured in India by Bajaj.

The 490 cc motor will be seen in KTM machines under the RC, Adventure, Duke and Super-moto moniker. Like it did with the Dominar and the 200cc range, Bajaj may be working on its own versions of this engine parallely.

Furthermore, Bajaj and the British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph have also come into partnership in which both the companies are working to create affordable motorcycles in the 200-700 cc segment to take on brands like the Royal Enfield and others.

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The first motorcycle from this collaboration is expected to make its debut in the coming months. Aside this, there is a possibility that the duo may be working on a mid-size twin cylinder engine that could spawn Triumph’s and future Bajajs.

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Disregarding the fact that the pandemic has thrown this whole world out of balance, we bikers still have a ray of hope with all the small and large developments that are taking place in our country’ two-wheeler industry. 

Introduction and updates of Adventure bikes, powerful Naked bikes, highly capable quasi-supersport bikes, return of retro cruiser, bobbers, roadsters all gives us bikers reason to smile and celebrate. We might sometimes think the world might be ending, but the world of bikes is never ending…

Here’s to a bright future of motorcycles……