Electric 2-Wheeler Sales FY22 – Ola vs Ather – Who is Winning?

Electric 2-wheeler sales FY22 showed impressive jump for each and every manufacturer. Let’s see who sold how many units…

The financial year 2021-22 is over and that gives us a chance to look back at the sales numbers for the full 365 days that comprise a business year. And nothing better if we talk actual retail sales – ie the true number of vehicles that were registered at RTOs.

Comparing the sales number of FY-21 with FY-22, we can clearly see the rapid adoption of electric two-wheelers in our country. Let us talk about manufacturers…

Electric 2-Wheeler Sales FY22

  • Hero Electric – Hero Electric sold the most electric two-wheelers in FY22 and posted a growth of 342.10%. The units sold jumped from 14,771 units in FY21 to 65,303 units in FY22. 
  • Okinawa Autotech – Okinawa Autotech sold the second most electric two-wheelers in F22. They saw the maximum jump in sales showing 570.52% growth, expanding from 6,927 units to 46,447 units sold.
Electric 2-wheeler sales FY22
Okinawa reported the highest jump in sales among this lot of electric makers…
  • Ampere Vehicles – Following suit, Ampere also saw growth of 317.55%, growing to 24,648 units from 5,903 units sold. 
ManufacturerFY-22FY-21% Change 
Hero Electric65,30314,771+342.10%
Okinawa Autotech46,4476,927+570.52%
Ampere Vehicles24,6485,903+317.55%
Ola Electric14,371
Ather Energy19,9714,401+353.78%
Revolt Intellicorp7,6231,793+325.15%
  • Ola Electric –  Ola Electric sold 14,371 units in FY22. This is their first year of delivering their e-scooters and are following ‘direct-to-customer’ sales model. Therefore, these numbers are based on the registrations that have occurred. 

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  • Ather Energy – Sales of Ather Energy expanded by 353.78% in FY22, growing from 4,401 units 19,971 units registered in FY22. 
  • Revolt Intellicorp –  Showing the growth of 325.15%, Revolt sold the least EVs registering 7,623 units in FY22.

Each and every manufacturer showed impressive growth but that was on a low base. It will be interesting to see how things proceed from here as start-ups like Ola, Simple Energy, Ather and others go all guns blazing to capture the market. How will legacy manufacturers respond to this onslaught is another angle that we will be keenly watching this year…