EBR Sold Off at Only $2.25 Million; Hero Distances Itself

Post Hero MotoCorp’s scraping out its own assets from the EBR wreck, the American company has been sold off at a court ordered auction. As per a report on Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the court papers identify Atlantic Metals Group as the buyer of the motorcycle manufacturing assets.

The company was sold off for a mere 2.25 million dollars which got the buyer EBR’s machinery, inventory, intangible assets and accounts receivable. This is in addition to the 2.8 million dollars which they got from Hero MotoCorp which brings the total up to 5.05 USD.

The first to gain from this deal will be the estranged workers. The company owes them 202,000 USD in paid off time. The report further added that the secured creditors, consultant, lawyers and court appointed receiver are to be paid by the money raised so far. The unsecured creditors will have to share what will be left after this.


Hero MotoCorp, which earlier in 2013 bought a 49.2 per cent stake in EBR for 25 million dollars, also dissociated itself from Buell, thereby dropping all claims against Buell. Interestingly, most of EBR’s employees were involved in Hero projects and not in their own product development!

Hero EBR

It is still not clear what plans does Atlantic Metals Group have with its new found assets. However the whole point of the bankruptcy plea via Chapter 128 was to find a buyer so as to keep the company afloat. Well, we will be able to know only when more light is thrown on the subject. EBR though has so far been silent about the whole issue. And so is Eric Buell!