So Who is Winning the Quarter Liter Race, in Sales Numbers?

Duke 250 vs Gixxer 250 vs FZ25 vs Others – Which ones are biker’s favourite? Should we have more options in this segment…?

Few years back we had very limited options in the over 200cc segment. But flip up to today and we have motorcycles in various displacements catering to different audience set. Let us today focus on the quarter liter segment and see which one is people’s favourite.

The Options

Honda’s CBR250R is the oldest motorcycle here, and quite literally! It has continued unchanged for the last many years but offers tremendous reliability. Next up we have Yamaha’s 250 twins – FZ25 and Fazer 25 along with Suzuki’s latest quarter liter Gixxers – all of which have been made keeping the Indian market as the prime focus. Finally, the list ends with the hooligan Austrian 250 Duke, which is the sportiest of the lot.

Which one do you think is people’s favourite? Let us have a look..

Duke 250 vs Gixxer 250 vs FZ – Sales

RankingMotorcyclesApr-Oct 2019 SalesApr-Oct 2018 Sales
1FZ25 + Fazer 25559813,467
2Duke 25043244236
3Gixxer 250 + SF 25030260
Duke 250 vs Gixxer 250
We recently Raced on the Gixxer SF 250 Race-spec motorcycle. Click pic to read our experience…

Yamaha has a natural advantage as the FZ is the most affordable motorcycle in this segment. But data suggests that the new Gixxer range has eaten a lot of its share – look at the fall! Duke 250 appears to have a different customer set – they are not bothered with what’s happening in the lower end of the spectrum – they will buy that KTM – which is also the sportiest offering in the segment.

Duke 250 vs Gixxer 250
FZ25 is people’s favourite in this segment but it has received a big fall this year…

Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 Review

Considering Honda’s attitude towards CBR 250R, we do not see a very positive future for this once-impeccable motorcycle! In the month of October, Honda could only manage to dispatch 8 units of the motorcycle.

All-New 250cc Motorcycle Under Development, Confirms Top Suzuki Official

Gixxers have been a recent addition to the list and considering how fantastic they are, we expect them to climb up the ladder in the coming months.