Duke 250, 200 & RC200 Cheaper by Upto 8,600: Latest Post-GST Price List

GST has come as a boon for motorcyclists, at least for those considering buying bikes under 350cc. The net tax has been reduced by 2 percent on this category of motorcycles and most companies are passing on all or some part of this to the customers.

KTM has shared its post-GST prices with the media and all their sub 350cc offerings have become cheaper and the maximum reduction is upto Rs 8667 on the ex-showroom price.

KTM’s Latest Prices

Here are the latest post-GST prices of KTM’s sub 350cc motorcycles

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KTM Post-GST Prices – Quick Pointers

  • Apart from Pondicherry (marked in pink), each and every state has seen a reduction in price for KTM’s trio.
  • Madhya Pradesh, which attracted one of the maximum tax rate prior to GST has seen the maximum cut in prices. Duke 250 has seen a downward price revision of over Rs 8600 – the highest in KTM’s lineup.
RC200 has also seen a price reduction…
  • Individually, Duke 200 has become cheaper by upto Rs 7192, RC200 by upto Rs 8631 and Duke 250 by upto Rs 8667.
  • For states where tax rate was already lower, there is lesser price slash post GST.

So, if you have been waiting to buy any one of these, this is your best time, apart from Pondicherry guys!

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