Demand for Dominar in Export Markets Higher Than India, Reveals Bajaj Official

One of Bajaj’s top official has revealed an interesting bit about Dominar sales. We also talk about the brand Dominar in quick brief..

Bajaj Auto’s flagship brand is the Dominar which is priced closer to that Rs 2.5 Lakh mark. The 373cc sports cruiser, that was launched in December 2016 at a shocking starting price tag of Rs 1.36 Lakh, has seen a lot of improvements and about 2-3 updates.

Initially, Bajaj targeted it as a motorcycle that can eat into Royal Enfield’s market share, however, later the company realized it is far from doing that. Meanwhile there were products from partner Triumph that are now helping the brand achieve its goals partially.

But if you look closely, there have been a lot of attacks on the Dominar – from rivals as well as Bajaj’s extended portfolio brands. Triumph 400s, Harley X440, Hero Mavrick 440 – all have been motorcycles that are placed and priced around similar brackets and target the Dom, in one way or the other. Even the recently launched Pulsar NS400 is expected to eat into the share of Dominar 400 – as it shares the same engine and platform.

This is for a motorcycle that is already doing below expected sales. But, Bajaj does not seem worried. It appears that the company has understood that there is a niche that the Dominar will play in and it is now planning to build on this new strategy, that is, to keep the Dominar as a halo product that may not bring in a lot of volumes but it will enhance the brand appeal for Bajaj.

Dominar sales

Another interesting bit that Rakesh Sharma, Bajaj’s Executive Director, has revealed in an interview to a portal, is that the company is exporting higher number of Dominars to international markets which means that the motorcycle’s demand is more in markets out of India than our domestic market.

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In an interesting revelation, Rakesh claimed that Bajaj is shipping 3000-4000 Dominars to export markets per month. This is much higher than the 400-500 units (800-900 units including Dominar 250) the Dominar brand is achieving locally. He also said that the new Pulsar NS400 (review below) will be introduced in the Brazilian market under the Dominar umbrella.

What do you think is the reason for Dominar’s lack of performance in sales in the domestic market? Is it the price, or is the lack of brand value of Bajaj or is there something wrong with the product?