Bajaj’s CNG Motorcycle (Bruzer?) Will Look Different, Reveals Official Teaser

CNG motorcycle Bajaj Bruzer pic has been teased in the official invite mailer. It reveals the upper portion that has an uncanny seat-tank look…

Bajaj is trying something different – something really radical – in order to extract more for every greenie you spend on fuel. Nobody has tried a CNG powerplant on a motorcycle in the world – at least not on a mass scale. Bajaj has announced 5th July as the official unveil of its CNG motorcycle – that could be called as Bruzer.

In its media invite, Bajaj has also teased what it calls as a disruptor in the Indian motorcycle space. We are used to seeing regular sized fuel tanks (some humped, some not so) followed by the rider and pillion seat in conventional motorcycles. However, on the Bruzer (if it is called so), there is a very tiny space for the tank and there is a really long flatt-ish seat with a minor inward curve for the rider.

There is a big possibility that the CNG tank will be positioned just below the front portion of the seat and then there will also be a small petrol tank as well – to enhance the overall mileage your motorcycle will be able to return. Nobody has any idea about the exact volumes of both the fuel tanks at this point. To liberate space, Bajaj is also using a horizontally mounted engine – which could be around that 125cc displacement.

Bajaj Bruzer pic
Here is a camouflaged pic of Bajaj’s CNG motorcycle…

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It will be interesting to see how will a rider look when seated on that motorcycle – with a part of the seat remaining till the tank cap – and how comfortable will it be!

We can also see knuckle protectors near that round headlamp to enhance the overall aesthetics. This is a very important product for Bajaj and the industry overall – as everybody will be keenly watching the response it gets. If it succeeds, it is bound to increase the life of ICE engines and we will definitely see many more products coming in – both from Bajaj as well as the competition.