Official: World’s First CNG Motorcycle Launch on 5th July

Bajaj CNG motorcycle launch very soon as the company has officially rolled out invites for its unveil. It could be a disruptor in the 2-wheeler space…

Bajaj claims to have given us the first ever CNG three-wheeler many years ago. Despite the fact that this tech was already available, it could not find its way onto motorcycles simply because of the smaller form factor and lack of space for proper placement for a CNG cylinder.

However, propelled by the government’s latest push towards alternate fuel sources, Bajaj worked on this tech and after a fairly long interval of trials and tests, it says it is ready for the global unveil of what would be the world’s first CNG motorcycle. Yes, nobody appears to have done this tech on a big scale.

Bajaj has shot in an official invite to us and have asked us to keep ourselves blocked for Friday, 5th July 2024 – which will be the unveil day of the company’s CNG motorcycle.

What we know so far?

According to multiple spy pics that have surfaced so far, Bajaj’s CNG motorcycle will sport a horizontally mounted engine. This is clearly done in order to liberate some space for that CNG cylinder – which is likely to be placed around that fuel tank area. There will be a (relatively smaller) separate petrol tank as well – which means it will be a dual fuel motorcycle.

Bajaj CNG motorcycle launch

What Bajaj is harping on is the potential low running cost of this motorcycle. And hence, it will be targeted towards buyers who are very fuel efficiency conscious. This and a few earlier hints present the possibility of the first CNG motorcycle to be around that 100-125cc displacement.

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Based on an earlier filing, Bajaj’s CNG motorcycle could be called as Bruzer and there will be a full line-up of models that will come later – obviously if the whole concept of a CNG motorcycle works.

Bajaj is very upbeat with the prospects and has called in Mr Nitin Gadkari, Road and Transport Minister for the unveiling of the motorcycle in the event which will be hosted by Rajiv Bajaj himself. There is a possibility that Bajaj may also reveal the price of the motorcycle on the same day. Interesting times ahead if you are one of those who want ICE engines to last longer…