Owner Shares Fuel Efficiency of Dominar Before First Service

All those who have booked the Dominar 400 are waiting for them with bated breaths and Bajaj has already started deliveries but we believe they are controlling them to ensure rectifications of issues if there may crop up any. Nonetheless, a lot about the motorcycle is already out but what is not is its fuel efficiency and who better to answer that than a real owner of the motorcycle.

Omer Bin Abdullah, a Dominar 400 ABS owner at Bajaj Dominar owners Facebook page has shared the fuel efficiency which he got from his motorcycle, which is from the first batch of dispatches.

According to Omer, he filled the tank to the brim (about 12+ liters of petrol) after he took delivery of the motorcycle (Dominar’s tank capacity is 13 liters). He ran the motorcycle for 341 kms before refuelling again. Here is the pic he has shared from the petrol station.

Dominar Fuel Efficiency

He further informs that he could fill 11+ liters of fuel this time (for full tank) which means his Dominar ran for 341 kms in 11+ liters (assuming 11.5 liters for calculation) inferring a fuel efficiency of 29 to 30 kmpl!

This is very impressive for a 35 Nm 373 cc 180+ kg motorcycle and considering that it is still under run-in period. In comparison, Duke 390 which uses the same engine (and is more powerful) returns between 20 to 26 kmpl depending upon the riding style.

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Omer further informs that he is being very sedate with his brand new Dominar and hasn’t crossed 4000 rpm till now. If you are also a Dominar owner or about to become one soon, do share your experiences (with fuel efficiency figures) with fellow bikers in the comments section below…

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