Customised Dominar 400 Adventure Version to Attempt 50k km Run from Arctic to Antarctic

Modified Dominar adventure version to attempt Polar Odyssey – Comes with 6-7 changes…

Bajaj has just flagged off what they call is the Dominar Polar Odyssey which is a 50,000 km long run from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Dominar Polar Odyssey – About the Journey

Last year around this time Bajaj conducted the Trans-Siberian Odyssey and bang on its anniversary the company has announced Dominar Polar Odyssey. This will be the world’s first polar odyssey from Tuktoyaktuk in the Arctic circle to Ushuaia, the closest point to the Antarctic.

Three riders, on all the three colours of Dominar, will cover a distance of 50,000 km across North, Central and South America – crossing 17 countries in the process, in about four months. This corresponds to an average of 400-450 km of riding every day over all kind of terrains, climates and conditions.

Bajaj says during this ride Dominar will cover four toughest roads of the world…

  • Dempster Highway– Arctic Circle, Canada
  • James Dalton Highway – Arctic Circle, USA
  • North Yungas Road (Road of Death), Bolivia
  • Atacama Desert, Chile

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Dominar Adventure Version

The Dominar being used in this record attempt has been modified. It has the following changes…

  • It gets an additional longer visor for better wind protection.
  • In place of regular road-going tyres, Dominar for this expedition is equipped with knobby tyres to traverse both good and bad roads with aplomb.
  • The front mudguard is raised.
  • The motorcycle also gets body coloured knuckle protectors.
  • All the three motorcycles get two jerry cans bolted onto the front leg protectors. Will be helpful to carry petrol to give a longer range over the existing 350-400 km range.
  • To carry more luggage, these Dominars also get two metal panniers.
  • Seats appear to be better cushioned and have an additional back-rest for comfort and we also see radiator protectors there.

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Bajaj clarifies that mechanically these are stock Dominars and this record will be attempted without any support crew.