Our avid reader and motorcyclist shares common bike problems & solutions in a quick informative story. You just need to care for it a wee bit to enjoy miles of troublefree journeys…

All of us bike owners at some point of time come across problems with our machines. Some are minor but the others may leave us stranded by the roadsides. This helpful story comes from one of our reader Arun, who owns an Apache and he has put together some of the most common problems that he and some of his fellow bikers have faced along with their solutions.

As you may find out, some of it just requires a little effort from your part and nothing more. The best thing to do is to read read motorcycle’s owner’s manual in your spare time as this will help you get a better understanding of the machine and its internals.

Here is a list of some common bike problems and their solutions from Arun…

Common Bike Problems & Solutions – Low Mileage

This is really what a lot of people mostly complain about; it has quite a lot of reasons to why it happens, I am explaining the most common reasons below.

Low pressure in tyres can greatly reduce fuel efficiency, Tyres require air to stay in proper shape or else all they will do is create rolling resistance, this makes it harder for the wheels to move and hence decreases mileage.

common bike problems & solutions

The first thing to do is to check your bike’s tyre pressure. Very casual approach to it would be to do that by kicking the tyres or by trying to push the rubber in using your thumb. If it goes in, get it checked and filled up if required. The manual will have the recommended tyre pressure ratings. For quick reference, manufacturers also paste stickers on swingarms or on the tank. Depending on your riding, check pressure once every month or whenever you experience sluggish engine response. You can also purchase tyre monitoring tools from online portals.

Dirty engine oil can also reduce efficiency. Dirty oil can become thick and resistive to movements of parts in the engine. The most obvious sign of dirty oil is when the gear shift lever becomes too hard or noisy during shifts. If you have a bike that has been ridden for over 2500/3000 Kms without an oil change (for mineral engine oils) or if you notice smoke coming out of the tailpipes, check the engine oil. You can do that by removing the oil gauge, which is basically the oil cap. If the oil on the tip of the gauge is black in colour, it’s about time you changed it. Also remember, having good oil in the engine is really important for it to last long without any troubles. Servicing in recommended intervals is what you should always do. Check the manual (usually the end) to find service information and intervals. Generally, service intervals are after every 2500 to 5000 kms depending upon your bike.

Carburettor tuning also needs to be checked. Carburettors basically have two screws, an engine idle RPM screw and an Air/fuel mixture screw, the A/F screw adjusts the ratio of air versus fuel going into the engine, so more air and less fuel means better efficiency but lower performance and vice versa. The trick is, to find the right balance of both performance and efficiency. If you don’t have an idea on this, ask your mechanic to set it for you. You can have different hit and trial attempts to arrive at your preferred setting. If your bike happens to be fuel injected, you can skip this part as the onboard ECU system automatically adjusts your Air/Fuel Mixture settings. For all others, a proper, step by step guide can be found on this page.

Tight Brakes: When the brakes are too tight, it can increase the effort needed by the engine to turn the wheels. Place the bike in neutral and on the centre stand and manually rotate the wheels, they must be able to rotate freely and without much effort, If the front or the rear tyres are hard to rotate, loosen the brakes by a notch and try again, if it’s a disc brake unit, take it to the company workshop to check them.

Riding styles can also affect efficiency. It may seem silly to go on at 40Km/h all the time. Travel at a speed where the engine sounds and feels relaxed, somewhere between 3000 to 5000 rpm depending upon the bike. Avoid hard braking. If you see an obstacle in front, brake early and slow down gently, also accelerate gently until you reach the desired speed. These steps will help you be safer and more efficient.

Carbon Deposits: If you happen to own a bike that has been ridden for over 30,000-50,000 Kms a possible reason for low efficiency could be carbon deposits on the piston and other components, I felt a decrease in performance and efficiency after about 30,000 Kms and got it in for service. The mechanic advised that I do a decarbonisation of the engine and when the engine was opened, I was shocked to see that the piston was coated with a 5 mm thick carbon layer… it was fully covered in it. He promptly scrubbed it off and cleaned the engine.

Later I noticed that the performance and efficiency was back to what it was like in the early days. It was awesome. The reason for this carbon deposition is the low quality of fuel and although I had used premium fuels for about 10,000 Kms it did not help me too much. Most people notice low performance after 30,000-50,000 Kms and decide to sell off their machine. Instead you could just follow these steps and continue using it for a longer period.

Valve Setting: If you have checked all of the above and have found no results, then the last thing you can do is valve setting. This requires an experienced mechanic and can be time consuming as the engine head will have to be opened. This must be done only as a last resort after checking all the above mentioned pointers. There are two valves on most machines in India apart from some like the R15 (which has four). There is an intake and an exhaust valve, and with time, the valve clearance can become different from the factory recommendation. A mechanic would need to check the valves for clearance and whether it is still the way it should be. This is done at periodic services but you can request them to do so if you wish.

Improper Break-In: All motorcycles need to be ridden well within a specified speed and engine RPM usually in the first 1000 Kilometers. It may be hard to do so when you have already waited a while to get your hands on your machine but if you want it to deliver it on both performance and efficiency, you must do so. Also avoid lending your bike to others during this period as they may not be aware of it. If you have been cautious and followed the run-in properly and still get low efficiency, try warming up the engine every time you start the bike in the morning, preferably for about 1 minute, and then be gentle with your throttle till the engine warms up. 

Common Bike Problems & Solutions – Poor Performance

Another common complaint with bikes is the poor performance of the machine. This can happen after a while of ownership and there are several common reasons that you can look for. Some of them are mentioned below…

Air Filter: The air filter should be cleaned every time the bike is given for service considering our dusty riding conditions. It gets dirty after about 1000-2000 Kms if you ride inside city or around dusty areas a lot. You should clean the air filter if you notice poor performance. Consult your owner’s manual as it will have step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

Fuel Quality: Poor quality of fuel can also be the reason for poor performance, different pumps have different mixes that claim to deliver better performance. Rather than listening to recommendations, try filling up from different petrol pumps to find the fuel that gives the best feel and performance from your bike, the engine note may also change along with the fuel quality. And once you find a trustworthy station you can stick to it.

Warm Ups: Warming up the engine in the morning starts is like how the gym instructor makes you warm up before you get into the exercising mode. It’s something that you must do every time. When properly warmed up in the morning, you will note that the engine feels better and performs well for the whole day. It’s just the little thing that you need to take care of. Also put the choke to good use in the mornings.

Tyre Pressure: As tyre pressure is low, the rolling resistance increases, this lowers performance as well as efficiency. Maintain it at the optimum levels at all times, check it at least once every month and fill up as needed.

Low engine Oil: Running an engine on low oil can lead to serious damage to the engine components and in some cases can also result in seized pistons and other parts. If there is by chance any leak, have it checked immediately by a mechanic and if possible, tighten any bolts around the area where it leaks. Check the oil level every 2,500 Kilometers and top up if needed.

common bike problems & solutions

Chain Slack: A slacking chain can make engine response feel poor and can also reduce the acceleration. If you hear a lot of chain noise or noise from the chain cover, its time you grease it up and tighten it.

Carburettor Tuning: Improper A/F setting can also be the reason for low performance. As I have mentioned above, you can adjust it yourself or you can also get it done by a mechanic. Don’t alter the stock settings on a brand new bike.

Carbon Build Up: When my bike was 30,000 Kilometers old, it couldn’t win a quick drag race with the 150cc Fazer, which was much heavier and was ridden by a less experienced rider. This made me even think of selling it off. But then I told this to the TVS mechanic who recommended that I do an engine decarbonisation. This required me to leave the bike at the workshop for a whole day. As I said, the piston was coated in thick, dry carbon layer. It was so hard that the mech needed a screw driver to scratch the surface. He informed me that this was the reason why the bike didn’t go as fast as it should have. After the cleaning and valve setting, I found that I could stay on par with the same Fazer. Performance was the same as what it was in the early days and now the needle touched 80 kmph without me even knowing it.

Common Bike Problems & Solutions – Bad Brakes

Brakes are one of the most important elements of a bike and it is even more important here in India as we must be prepared to stop before the odd obstacles we may find every day.

Drum Brakes: If you face poor braking on the drum brakes at the rear or front of the bike, you must check for free play of the brake lever or pedal. If there is too much of a free play, tighten the bolt. You must tighten it to a point where the wheels will be able to rotate freely and you would be able to apply maximum pressure.

common bike problems & solutions

Another reason for poor drum brake performance can be dirty brake pads and build up of brake dust. If you have a bike that has been ridden for over 20,000 Kms and if you experience weak braking without the squeaking noise, you may have a dirty brake pad. You can get it cleaned and serviced at your local workshop. If you happen to notice the squeaking noise every time you apply the brakes, it may be time to replace the pads.

Disc Brakes: If you happen to face poor disc brake performance, don’t worry, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Firstly check for brake fluid levels, and whether it is filled up well. If there is enough fluid and if you still have the problem, you can do something known as air bleeding. Sometimes, air gets into the tube between the pump and the calipers and this can reduce the braking force. Even though it can be done by you, it is recommended to take it to the bikes service centre. Air bleeding can not only improve brake performance, it can also increase the feel and sharpness of the brakes. Also try pumping the disc brakes, that is, by applying the brake with full force and releasing, for about 10-20 times (while stationary), this can also provide a boost in braking power.

Also, if you happen to notice weird metal scraping noises coming from the disc brakes even when you have are not applying the brakes, it’s about time to replace the brake pads. Don’t ride for long with worn out brake pads as it may cause damage to your disc plate which costs a lot.

Electric Starter Fails

This is a useful feature that can save us the embarrassment of causing a traffic jam after stalling the engine. You may find it not working on some fine morning. Check for the following signs:

Battery level: The battery may have run out of acid which must have reduced its efficiency. If you notice that the starter works once you start riding for a long time, but doesn’t when you try in the morning, get the battery acid levels checked. Your bike charges the battery as you ride so just keep it filled up at the first signs of trouble.

common bike problems & solutions

Starter Relay: This is part of the electric system that provides current to the starter, sometimes a failure of this component can stop the starter from working, if you hear just a “tick” noise from the starter every time you press the starter button, it may be either because of a low battery or a failing starter relay.

Summing it Up – Things to Remember

Your bike needs a little bit of care and attention if you would want it to last long just the way you like. Here are a few tips that can help you keep the bike and eventually yourself happy:

  1. Warm Ups: Warm up the engine well in the mornings before you head out for a journey, this can help a lot in extending engine life and performance.
  2. Check Tyre Pressure: Once a month, inspect the tires for signs of low pressure, keep them topped up for the best.
  3. Chains: If you notice chain noise or looseness, simply get the chain tightened, its just a matter of 10 minutes at the most.
  4. Periodic Service: Note that most bikes have a service interval of around 2,500-5,000 Kilometers. Be sure to visit the service station in the specified intervals, check the manual to know more about your motorcycle’s service and engine oil change interval.
  5. Avoid Cheap Parts: If in case, a part does go bad, avoid replacing it with cheap alternatives or quick fixes. It is always recommended to use original spare parts.

These are some simple points you should keep in mind. I have mentioned the most common problems faced by bike owners and their possible solutions. I know there are a lot more than this. Meanwhile, if you own a bike and have come across problems, please share with us, how you managed to solve them along with the name of your motorcycle and the mileage it has covered in the comments below.

So until next time, wish you a happy and trouble free journey.

– Arun

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  1. It’s a good article.. Got a lot of info .. And i’m planning to buy apache rtr 180 or fz-s.. I’m confused which one to get.. Which one would suggest according to the durability and reliabilty.. Do reply.. Thanks

  2. This is the best Article that i have ever read about in a very long time. It is very informative and just plain superb. You rock Arun !!:)
    and yeah i am eagerly waiting for the Part 2…;)

  3. This is a geneuinly good site for all the bike lovers.I researched a lot before buyimg mine FZS m lovin it. After visiting dis site i feel INDIA IS DEVELOPING….gr8 work

    • Hi Mr. Arun this is a nice article that thought me many things i don’t know.

      One thing is very curious to me. I have a passion pro ran 18k kms. I use semi-synt engine oil. When i change the oil the gear shifts are smooth and no engine noise but just after 1000kms there are roughness in engine and gears are sometimes hard. This forces me to change oil every 1000-1300 kms then all turns to normal again. How do you manage to get around 2500kms did you not feel any changes.

  4. Nice work dude…
    must have spent a heck a lot of time on the net n discussing with ur friends…anyway..good details…

    i think i happen to be knowin the owner of that fazer u were talkin abt…

  5. “it was so hard that you needed a screw driver to even scratch the surface”.Sir, is it fine to scratch the piston with a screw driver ? wont it get damaged ? I was of the opinion that they use sand paper or something else for it !

  6. A typical point to be remembered before tuning is that the engine should be hot,and should have run a minumum of 10km. Also tuning is adviced only on bikes which have run atleast 1500km.
    I have tuned my fz 16 likewise. The company tuning was set to give the maximum of power. Then the earlier mileage was 40-43kmpl. I set it more toward less power. Now there is a slight problem of missing, and now the power distribution is less and sometimes, there is a feeling of drag, just like when the bike goes into reserve. Anyway, the mileage improved greatly and now I get 52-54kmpl.

  7. Hi!

    I bought a P220 dtsi that has done 700kms. But from day one I’m facing this problem in the rear disc brake that there is screeching sound coming from the rear disc brake even when brake is not applied.

    I’ve taken the bike to the service station many times. The first time, they replaced the pads (they said that they’d broken) this was in the first fortnight of buying the bike. But after then, every time I take the bike to the service station, they open the rear disc brake, clean the pads and the disc. Again after a couple of days I start facing the same problem.. i really dont know what to do??

    2) When I start the bike after 2-3 days, It takes many self starts.. recently I had to press the self-start nearly 40 times. I tried the drag-start technique, (which is used in cars) but it didnt work!

    Kindly tell me some solutions.. really need ’em =|

  8. i own a karizma..it has covered 25000 km. my bike is consuming engine oil after every 1500 km, engine oil level goes down..i dnt know what needs to be changed in the engine. i asked at one of the workshops they told me that whole cylinder kit needs to be changed.then i asked some local mechanic he told me that only piston needs to be changed. i am a little dicey abt what to do. evn my tensi. and timing chain needs to be changed..my engine is making noise when i start the engine for the first time of the day..(when the engine is cold).
    there is some problem with the clutch plates also..i have already got them changed twice!!

  9. I have a Yamaha R15. After running the first 4 Km in the day normally I would hear a ticking sound from the right fairing and the engine firing would miss. This is a problem with the spark plug cap being shorted and spark going to earth to the engine body. It is an intermittent problem that disappears once you stop your bike and everything cools down. Thus halting the bike, unscrewing the fairing and again trying to reproduce the problem proved to be futile since it disappeared. A neighbouring mechanic who had work on old Premier Padminis that had similar caps, diagnosed it for me and it was spot on.

  10. i own discover ..recently i met wid a problem … where my engine gettin stuck up on drivin .. lyk de thing tat happens durin dry tank .. ride is not so smooth

  11. I have bought a pulsar 150 last month. now i am facing a problem that when i ride it in rain(even if the bike didn’t get partially wet in gentile rain) the bike engine gets off. then i need to try hard to start it again and need to ride in very low speed and gear. if i try to raise the throttle the engine gets off. Even though if i ride like that it will run only for small distance and again it will get off.
    The bike will get off in the similar way that the engine gets off when the petrol gets empty.
    One of my friend who have CBZ Xtreme had same problem and he took it to HH Service center. The people at there didn’t even know the reason and solution for this problem. But after going there again and again the mileage went down from 48kmpl to 25kmpl. Yet the service people doesn’t found the reason for the problem.
    I took my bike to Bajaj service station and people there said that they never seen such problem, but they told that they will try some thing…..
    So i am scared to give my bike to the service station people since they may reduce the mileage. I am now getting 50kmpl.

    So please tell me a way to get out of the solution.

    • Dear,

      I too face the similar problem with my passion pro. If you have found any solution since the day you posted this, can you plz share the same with me also. Some say its the coil magnets issue. Your inputs might help more.

      Thanks in advance.

      • may be your petrol tank cap is faulty and may be water is mixing with petrol as if water gets in your petrol tank and it goes to combustion chamber the bike will take hick ups and if your AF mix is lean then some water +some petrol + air will mix and in that condition if you race your bike will shut off.

        try a simple fix ie. put a plastic between the cap and the tank when raining and check if it is happening or not. if it happens though the sorry. i also have no clue.

  12. Hi,

    i have stunner cbf. drove above 37,000 KM. Which engine oil will be best for it now. till the time i am using the engine oil which is default for honda bike at honda service stations(Named Honda Engine Oil).



  13. Hi i own a HH CBZ XTREME the problem with it is my silencer guard gets rusted. so what can i do for cleaning it. No water or liquid to stay in my silencer. HELP ME PLZ.. My bike is looking awkward…………..

  14. I bought bajaj avenger 220cc in october 2010 , after completion of first servicing my bike was stopping suddenly while running,what could be the reason.

    self start is not working.

    I tried for place the bike in 2nd gear and strated it’s started ,
    Again doing same it is not starting wat could be the problem any solution for that.

  15. Hi,

    I have cbz 2002 model, completed 22426 kms. Past one month i didnt use the bike, currently i am using the bike. The problem here is, the bike getting very heat when i drove 2-3 kms. I checked with mechanic, he tried all the way he knows,
    1. One other silence fitted and checked (No issue)
    2. Oil changed twice (become black- in the interval of 150 kms)
    3. Head opened and checked bore and volve ( No issue)
    4. Timing chain also changed (still problem exists)
    5. Air screw also adjusted and RPM needle stay on 1000 (1)
    Finally mechanic says, it needs to be fix by the way of open the engine, but one of my friend saying that, due after long time didnt use the bike, the problem exists and he saying that complete 1000 kms and check.
    Still i have same problem exists, Aswini plz help me to come out this.

    Thank you.

  16. I have a hero honda hunk and i m facing a problem thesedays . It does not start in morning in one, two or more kicks. I try i thing more than 20 kicks than it starts, i don’t know what its problem, please tell me what can i do.

  17. hi
    I hv got an Apach RTR 160. Lately I hv been experiencing some resistance in my bike… when i throttle down the bike slows down much more rapidly then expected even if i dont apply brake. It doesnt seem a brake issue as i dont see any resistance in neutral gear,however when in gear and engine is not started there seems a bit of resistance even if clutch is pressed fully.

  18. sir i recently faced problem is fuel indicator . i fill the 4 liters to tank .

    but fuel indicator not working . battery is good.

    i have faced back and from breaks .if apply breaks immediately not stopped . one mechanic says

    that change the drum .is it necessary.

    please help me

  19. Sir
    presently i am using hero honda cbz star bike and i face a problem that few days ago my kick spring was broken.i want to know that is it danger for my bike?

    jitu dutta,assam.

  20. Your article is very beneficial to all bike riders. Thanks for such a nice article.
    My Grievance: My bike engine gets turned off instantly while running. What might be the prolem. please help me out. thank you.

  21. my bike accelarator has become tight…i dnt bcoz of rain or ne other reason…i put oil in it…bt it didnt work…so plz give me solution or suggestion n tell me wt is the problem…

  22. sir i had purchased a new cbz xterme bike i hve a problem it is if i ride in rain or my bke parked in rain it will stops accelerate bt engine did not stops plz gve me a sollution……..

  23. hi friends i would like ask one question
    i am using CASTROM MAGNETEC OIL IN MY STUNNER , i am very much surprised by the performance of my bike after around 500km of the oil change because it has reduced the knocking and vibration in my bike,,, so tell me if any one know whether it is okey to continue the use of the same oil?

    awaiting reply on sejal_5381@yahoo.co.in

  24. Very usefull article.
    I have a Pulsar 150Cc . I cant Turn the gear to neutral while the engine is running.
    or i am acclerating the engine more to make it neutral.
    give me any suggestion to rectify it..

  25. it’s great article last some days i am facing a problem with my byk’s disk brake it’s not working properly when i use during brake it’s not give me good response pls help me what should i do for best performance as soon as possible.

    thanks and regards
    ambrish sharma

  26. sir,
    i have honda shine, its 6 months old n it has pickup problem
    m not believing on honda people, cause had bad experience with them from first servicing.
    pls. suggest me something

  27. sir,
    My bike Jerks for a sec., when every time I twist the throttle
    n after slowly it reach speed
    pls. help me out.

  28. No doubt….CBZ xtreme is worst bike i ever seen….please guys don’t buy this bike…
    1.Starting problem even in little rain
    2.Mileage 25-27 km
    3.Poor customer service
    4.Problem >60KM
    5.Disc brake problem
    6.Meter display problem

  29. I have a honda shine which hav done 82000 kms so far…which all parts have to be replaced and which all parts need to be checked.?? is it time for a decarbonisation? the engine becomes too hot..

  30. hi frndz,
    i m using pulsar150 beginning it gets jerk in the running and after 10 min automatically it gets off completely if we leave for few min it starts as normal .plz giv the solution

  31. Good article.
    thank u arun for giving much information, for those who are maintaining bikes escpecially in the city traffic like hyderabad.

  32. Hi,

    I own Bajaj Discover 150CC bike 34000 kms run …..problem is after running around 30 Kms engine sound changes just like it is switched to reserve oil but still the vehicle is in mains. Also I get the actual acceleration after rotating the accelerator to half.
    Please help me as the service persons are telling ”aisa to har gaadi mein hota hai”

  33. I’ve TVS Apache RTR160, self start is not working. Battery is new one.

    And another problem is when my bike is in running some noise is comming near engine and when I off the engine then it can be heared clearly.

    I’ve gone to the mechanics but every one is having different opinion.

    I’ld like to know the problem.

  34. Hi,
    I have Discover around 7 year old, since few days it is giving a problem when starting,it is not getting started in one kick needs several kicks and randomly it starts,Even if engine is warmed up it does not help.

    Please tell met he reason, mechanic is saying I need to change the coil beneath the seat.

  35. hai
    I have a star city bike of 2006.It has a problem of stopping the engine while running.I changed the magnetic coil(tvs original),engine works done-pistone changed,valve settings done,valve oil seals ,spark plug,clutch plate changed.still problem exists. give me a solution .please.

  36. Hi There,

    I own a 2006 Model Pulsar with Self Start. But, it’s Self is not working. I replaced the battery with a brand new one but the problem persists. It gives a ‘Tick’ like sound when pressed start button. I read in this post that it might due to ‘starter relay’. What do you mean by ‘Starter Relay’ here? Do i need to replace a new motor/starter or can it be fixed with any small adjustments? Will it costs a lot for fixing the problem? Please advice as i am really facing a lot of problems using kick start.

  37. My discover 150cc jerking problem for 2 years. I showed to more than 20 mechanic but till now no one rectify my bike problem . Air filter changed . Tryied diggerent type of petrols . Corporater cleaned . Even if the problem not solved

  38. I bought a 2000 model fiero last year….the only problem is low mileage.. I get 35/ litre… but bike shows good performance… I want to get good mileage as I am a student…will turning help me???

  39. I have a hero glammour bike … While i was riding my bike petrol was over . Usually i put the switch on reserve mood. Bt after riding the bike approx one km. The digital meter blinks. Can u give me the solution why it blinks?

  40. Dear sir,
    I have Dream yuga bike which ran near about 11,500km,but now it gives black smoke and sudden jerk in between 30-60 speedometer…please suggest me a proper solution…

  41. Hi ,

    I have a timing chain noise in my bajaj pulsar 150 taken jus 1.5 yrs ago and 15k kms it has run. does it causes any problem in engine if yes do we need to get this rectified?
    Thanks in advance for all ur replies.

  42. I have 2006 baja discover 125, suddenly I got a repeated problem, after 5 mins of running the engine goes off. I need to wait for 15 mins to start it again. Can you please advise.

  43. Sir . I have bought24000 driven Honda hunk .nowduring driving it suddenly starts giving Burks .deacclerating even after acceleration .daily 4-times in ten km run .really difficult to handle .can cause accident .help me to find out reason of sudden jerks and not picking up .

  44. In my apache 160 hyper edge.. When i press the egnitn button then the display gets short no currnt it when i release the button then it star again.. But bike does not start.. On this bike also dosent start with kick.. Mechanic are not able to find out the problm.. Becoz on that tym bike works properly when i go to service centre what should i do..??

  45. SIR. i’m having CBZ xtreme 2009 model. Bike was not starting when it is in gear. It was starts under neutral. I had opened and shorted two wires near the clutch and checked it. Then also was not working. what is the reason.

  46. Hi,
    My Bike mastero yesterday hit with big stone and from then on wards, handle turning only left side. may be problem with Fork bend . May i know the exact reason. if it is Fork bend what is the price?

  47. i have suzuki gs150
    isafd have some problem sucha as
    1. missing when reach rpm 5, 8
    2. engine noise when rpm at 2 or below
    3. sulf stuck or jam after a strong tik noise.

    kindly tell me the solutions.

  48. I own an yamaha fz16 2010 model and from the last one year my bike’s engine stop’s after like 10 sec in nuetral gear. It doesn’t stay in start position and even the mileage Gone down to 27kmpl which is very low. I have been to th3 service station’s but they weren’t able to fix. Even i can feel the misfire while driving in 30-40kmph.

  49. Hai…I having pulsar 180dtsi 2012 model bike…..in this bike having
    pick up problem. if i ride the bike at 70km speed automatically some
    sounds are hearing like pok…pok…pok…and in my petrol tank full of
    dust also. So what should i do Kindly suggest me…..And my bike having
    the chain sound also

  50. I am having noise problem in the front wheel , The dealer get it fixed by changing the whole tire with the alloys and also the brake system but still the noise is coming. Can anyone suggest me that what can be the possible error or it this a manufacturing defect?????
    BIKE: PULSAR 200RS non ABS

  51. Hi my Hero HF Delux bike sometime giving phot phot phot sound while accelerating and also during taking pickup,i checked with service startion they are telling Carborator is fine but may the fuel(petrol) was of bad quality so sound is coming,do i need to change Carborator and check for the noise is coming or not.

  52. my pulsar 150 dtsi stops suddenly while driving ….and it doesnt start …..after many kicks and chock, it starts..and sometimes it doesnt start..but after few hours it starts in single kick…anybody hv clues?

  53. Bike Model: R15S
    Yesterday, I forgot to take the key from ignition. Today morning I saw that I didnt take the key from ignition(it was in on but there is no display). I tried to start the bike but it s not starting. Nothing is showing in display. it is look like dead.. I bought my bike R15 S on June 23 2016, Last week I had given my bike to service centre.. I dunno wat to do,, Can you assist me ?

  54. Hi I have a mini chopper motorcycle and I changed the oil and fuel and spark plug is fine but for some reason everytime I kick-start it I have to keep revving it otherwise it completely shuts off.. Just wondering what I need to do to fix this?

  55. I have got Apache RTR 200 4v, 7 month ago.I don’t have any serious issue but twice my bike was off during riding it,and after 6 second I pull the Clough, does my engine got any damage internally..( running less than 1 meter without pulling Clough).Have any serious issue please tell me…

  56. help me i have a big problem in my suzuki gixxer after my cousin drain the oil and open the engine and look the inside , the performance is change , when im about speed to 60 up theres something wrong its called like ” hump” or कूबड़ ” idk what called, iits hard to explain” out of air” like that but no problem the air filter” i try this = do u try 1st gear and use the gasolitor and stop .. like that ..when about 60 + speed

  57. Dear sir
    I saw that in grazia BS6 some parts are very cheap. it crack very soon. I want to buy grazia BS6 but i dont want to face this problem.So how can i solve this problem?
    please solve my problem

  58. Good information for me, i’m having some issues like stated above with my 72K ran Shine… will try the suggestions… thanks a lot


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