SPIED: Clearmost Spyshots of Upcoming TVS Scooter; Speedometer Revealed

For quite some time, a scooter decked up in a Zebra-like sticker job has been playing peek-a-boo with our eyes. We have been paying a little attention to this speculated product, as it seems set to take the baton from TVS’s last scooter offering, the Wego.

TVS-New-110cc-Scooter (4)

The Wego has been a decent product from the South-based manufacturer’s stable. It is more powerful than the TVS Scooty, and incorporates useful features like “Body Balance Tech”. However, it has been let down by its smaller build as compared to Honda Activa and Suzuki Access.

Nevertheless, TVS seems to have put its ears to the ground to assess the crowd’s opinion. Thanks to one of our dedicated readers, Chidanand Haluvalli, we have on our hands some very close brushes with the potential successor to the TVS Wego.

TVS-New-110cc-Scooter (2)

Chidanand was surprised to find a test mule parked near his house in Bangalore. We honestly appreciate his efforts in clicking a few close snaps before the test mule’s rider got a whiff of the incident. Infact, the rider of the test mule threw an authoritative glance at Chidanand, but he had finished the job by then.

The pictures go hand-in-hand with our earlier reports, however, these are the closest spyshots of the upcoming scooter yet. The front portion of the scooter has been reworked upon and along with the bulgier headlamp it looks a lot more muscular and better as well. As a very meticulous touch, there is a tiny, triangular air-slit type construction on the front panel, at the lowest point just above the front wheel mud-cover. Surprisingly, the rear portion bears a striking resemblance to that of the Honda Activa. An innovative addition has been the rear fuel tank filler, just a tad above the tail-lamps.

 TVS-New-110cc-Scooter (6)

Unfortunately, we are not clear about the wheel size but they appear to be the 12 inchers similar to Wego. The engine capacity still remains an off-limit area, but in all probability this is the same 110cc motor from Wego and NOT the 125cc we all are expecting. In fact, TVS has already launched a newer transmission and they have claimed its not similar to a regular Variomatic we are used to seeing on the regular scoots. Could this transmission make its way to this model?

To put an end to all the suspicion that might arise about this scooter not being a TVS test mule, there is a click of the instrument console on which the TVS logo is clearly and completely visible. And there’s no denying the fact that the console, though is basic, looks good!!

If priced competitively, how many of you will chose it over Activa?

TVS New Scooter Spyshots