Every Chetak Sold is a Honda, Hero, TVS (Scooter) NOT Sold: Rajiv Bajaj

Rajiv Bajaj reiterates – he is not shifting strategies – Bajaj won’t make conventional scooters. He explains the strategy behind Chetak…

It is a fact that, after a lot of deliberation, Bajaj has made a comeback into scooters – a segment which it pioneered back in the 80s and 90s. This has made many people believe that Bajaj has changed its strategy and is now back in scooters ‘full time’. However, Rajiv Bajaj differs from this view point.

He reiterates (must have been a millionth time 😀 ) that Bajaj will want to be motorcycle specialist and ‘far’ from scooters. Chetak is not another 100cc-130cc regular scooter that will vie for a pie of the volume segment. The strategy is to stay put on the motorcycle segment and build niches around it – like it already has three-wheelers, quadricycle Qute and premium makers like KTM, upcoming Husqvarna and the next Triumph!

Electric scooter will become another niche which will play around the pivot which is still motorcycles! Electrification will go to all other spheres which will include three-wheelers, motorcycles etc.

He elaborates that not making any scooter is a strength for Bajaj because “every Chetak (which will be) sold is a Honda, Hero, TVS (scooter) not sold!

In this sense, it is adding a significant niche to the motorcycle segment and it will not eat up sales of its Pulsars or Avengers. He adds that “everything is just additional strength“.

This interview confirms that Bajaj will not venture into the mainstream IC-engined scooter segment against the Activas and the Fascinos. But yes, once we are into the electric-yuga, we may see competition from Chetak (and its derivatives) against Hondas and TVS’ electric scooters.

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By the way, Chetak is launching on the 14th of January in India which is when we will also come to know about its price tag as well.

Source – Autocarpro