CBR250R Gets New Interesting Special Edition Colours in Japan

While India has just got sticker jobs for the ‘older’ CBR250R, Honda has launched new special edition colours of the ‘new’ CBR250R in their home country Japan. Honda already sells the new facelifted CBR250R in Japan since April 2014 which comes with more power and dual headlamps.

The CBR250R in the traditional Honda tricolour format gets a slight change in terms of updated decals which are hard to notice. A small gold coloured ribbon has been introduced between the Vivid Red and Blue stripes. The under engine cowl too has been blackened while the lower part of the windscreen also gets a similar treatment in an attempt to make it appear sportier. But that’s not interesting…what is interesting is this…

Honda CBR 250R Special Edition model

Honda has introduced new special editions into the CBR lineup which will be available only between November 13, 2015 and December 25, 2015. This includes two new colours:

  • Lemon Ice Yellow
  • Candy Energy Orange

Honda CBR 250R Lemon Ice Yellow

The eye catching colors get blackened lower part with vivid florescent green or orange colored flashes on the headlamp, tank and cowls. The fairing and front mud guard is orange with black lines on the Candy Energy Orange variant. Honda is promoting them with the tag ‘Color of Energy‘!

Honda CBR 250R Candy Energy Orange

The special edition models will be available only in the ABS variant and only 1900 units are available for public. Interestingly these limited edition models are cheaper than the Ross White (tricolour) CBR 250R with ABS by 5,400 Yen (Rs 2,912).

honda CBR 250R New vs Old
Honda CBR 250R New vs Old. Notice the changes 😀

On the mechanical front, CBR250R continues to feature the water cooled single cylinder engine which produces 29 PS of maximum power at 9,000 rpm and 23 Nm of maximum torque at 7,500 rpm (more than what our Indian version churns out). The more interesting bit though is the claimed fuel efficiency of 50.1 kmpl (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport reported value)! Here are the respective prices…

Honda CBR 250R price

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These new colors of energy are possibly the best themes that have come to the CBR250R range so far. If Honda India is only interested in colors, can we get these here.. or at least something on similar lines…