Yamaha Mileage Challenge – Fascino Returns Whopping 90 Kpl

Yamaha Fascino mileage topped at surprising 90.3 kpl. Other winners also managed to get over 80 kpl from their scooters…

We are all bearing the brunt of the relentless price increase of the fuel in our country. The unrest in the European region along with the threat of a World War looming is not helping the case at all. 

Amidst the chaos, Yamaha India is trying to push their Hybrid range of scooters as part of a solution to combat the steady fuel increase. The Japanese manufacturer is trying to spread awareness about their Hybrid range of scooters’ superior mileage numbers by conducting ‘Mileage Challenge’ activity across their authorized dealerships across India. 

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Yamaha India is offering the Hybrid technology on their 125 cc scooters – Fascino 125 Fi, Ray ZR 125 Fi and Ray ZR 125 Fi Street Rally. 

Yamaha Mileage Challenge Activity

On 27th of March, Yamaha conducted their latest Mileage Challenge Activity at their Sri Motors ‘Blue Square’ premium dealership in Ashok Nagar, Chennai. A total of 25 of their customers participated in this challenge. 

All the 25 participants scooters’ were topped up with fuel and they rode the hybrid scooters for 30 km on a pre-planned route. After returning from completing the route, the scooters were again topped up and the fuel consumption was noted to calculate the mileage of all the 25 scooters. 

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The numbers achieved at the end of this challenge were surprisingly impressive. According to Yamaha, the best mileage registered was 90.3 km/l by one of their participants. 

Yamaha Fascino mileage

The top-3 winners and best mileage numbers shared by Yamaha are mentioned below: 

Mr. M. Babu90.3 km/l
Mr. Sarath Chandar87 km/l
Ms. Padma Priya84.8 km/l

The top-3 winners were awarded gift vouchers worth Rs. 2000, Rs. 1500 and Rs. 1000 respectively. 

Additionally, all the participating customers received free 10-point vehicle check-up, free vehicle wash and souvenirs.

Though Yamaha haven’t shared the exact model names but pictures depict that most of the scooters were the Fascino model. 125cc scooters returning over 80 kpl (ridden by customers) is an impressive feat, no doubt!