Buckle Up!! KTM Announces 3 Pro-XP Adventure Tours; Conquer Ladakh, Spiti & North-East Starting July 9

KTM Pro-XP is back and is taking tours to Spiti, Ladakh & North-East… Starting 9th July, 20th August & 1st October respectively…

So, KTM India have announced their famous ‘Pro-XP Adventure Tour’ for this year and are taking the KTM Adventure model owners to specially curated, beautiful & challenging tours of Spiti Valley, Ladakh and North-East starting July 9. 

2022 Pro-XP Adventure Tour To Spiti, Ladakh & North-East

The KTM Pro-XP, the company explains, is a riding & community engagement program that offers a range of professional riding experiences across Trail, Track and Tarmac for KTM owners. 

The Adventure Pro Experience offers a set of curated experiences to guide the KTM Adventure model owners to become off-road Pro-bikers by providing them experiences like Adventure tours, Adventure academy, Adventure trails and Adventure escape. 

Pro-XP ToursDates
Spiti Valley9 July – 20 July, 2022
Ladakh20 August – 3 September, 2022
North-East1 October – 14 October, 2022

For 2022, KTM Pro-XP have announced specially curated tours to Spiti Valley, Ladakh and North-East states. KTM explains that these tours are specifically selected & managed by the KTM ride management team and are aimed to bring out the true potential of the riders and their Adventure models. 

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Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Sumeet Narang (President, Probiking) said –

“The KTM Pro-XP platform is designed to help our owners discover their true biking potential. We want them to know that they ride a high-performance motorcycle that is built to deliver a superior experience on street and off-road”. 

He further added –

“This season, we are launching three mega adventure tours to Spiti, Ladakh and the Northeast. These tours promise to test the capabilities of both man and machine through a series of specially crafted experiences. We are confident that the riders who take this tour will witness a remarkable improvement in their adventure riding skills, understanding of their KTM machine and boost their confidence to navigate any terrain. We welcome our Adventure owners to register themselves for this experience of a lifetime.”

Each of the three rides will be led by riding experts – Ouseph Chacko, Phillippe Geelhand, Varad More and Nilesh Dhumal. Riders are planned to cover an average distance of around 1,200 km over 12-14 days. 

KTM share that participating riders will experience a wide range of terrain like tarmac, gravel, river crossing, sand and slush along with conquering challenges like uphill riding at high altitudes, navigating narrow mountain roads and enduring tough weather conditions.

Additionally, riders will also get to learn professional riding techniques from the experts at the high altitude KTM adventure academy as part of the tour.