Jawa’s Parent Classic Legends Developing New 650cc Engine for BSA Motorcycles

Concrete BSA motorcycle launch time frame is still not known but latest development takes us a step closer to it…

It was made pretty clear that while Jawa and Yezdi brands will cater to the entry level sports motorcycle segments, BSA will play in the more premium mid-size motorcycle segment. Walking on the same strategy, Classic Legends, which owns all these mentioned monikers, is working on a brand new 650cc engine which will propel these bikes.

According to an online report, which credits people directly related to the projects, Classic Legends is almost ready with its new motor and it is under the testing phases. More details – like what configuration will it follow and other stuff is not known.

It must be noted that UK Government had funded the company of an investment of 4.6 million GBP and a technical and design center has already been set-up under BSA.

It is highly likely that BSA will first start its innings in its home country of UK and later on expand to other high-potential markets. This may include India as well.

BSA motorcycle launch
Memorable BSA Goldstar. Pic credit – Motorcycle USA

Get Ready for YEZDI – Coming this Diwali

While Jawa and Yezdi will bring in volumes for Classic Legends, BSA will be a brand builder for the company. It will provide a readymade opportunity to venture in developed markets and iconic BSA’s strong recall will likely help it to gain the initial momentum easily. This way Classic Legends can become a full-fledged motorcycle maker catering to a vast variety of customers and markets.

After Jawa, CEO Confirms BSA Launch in India But NOT Soon

Launch timeframe of the first BSA motorcycle is not known yet but we can predict that we may start hearing something concrete in the months to come.

Source – ET Auto