After JAWA Mahindra to Launch BSA Motorcycles Next Year

BSA Motorcycle launch is awaited ever since it came under Mahindra’s umbrella. There will be both – electric + ICE bikes…

In 2016, Mahindra acquired majority stake in a company called as Classic Legends, which in turn owns marquee brands such as BSA, Jawa and Yezdi. Mahindra’s plan was to re-introduce these monikers in the market again, after it failed to do any significant business in two-wheelers under its own tag.

Things started rolling with Jawa which was introduced in 2018. Recently, the company announced that it has sold 50,000 units in the market. Up next, Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group, wants to bring back the iconic BSA brand to life.

According to a report at The Guardian, Mahindra will start assembling BSA branded bikes in the United Kingdom from as early as mid of next year. This means that we are looking at a very short time span of around 6-10 months. This, then almost confirms that a lot of the development is already complete and the final product(s) has been finalized.

Apart from conventional internal combustion engine motorcycles, Classic Legends or Mahindra will also make electric bikes under BSA. They will come by the end of year 2021, soon after the ICE model.

The rationale behind selling BSAs from Britain is to maintain the authenticity of the brand. Plus, the UK government is offering a £4.6m grant to the company for electric vehicles – which is bound to create new jobs.

bsa motorcycle launch

Unlike Jawa, BSA would be bigger motorcycles, expected to compete in the mid-capacity space with Triumphs and others – in terms of pricing as well.

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Last year, Ashish Joshi, head of Classic Legends, had already revealed that BSAs will be launched in India as well, but we believe this will be a little later, probably in 2022 (more details).

Source – The Guardian