BMW Premium Bikes to be Sold in India

Here is a great piece of news for the Indian biking industry. The very much awaited BMW bikes are here. Yes you heard it right, the new premium bikes from the BMW group will be sold in India like the company sells its cars. One tiny catch here is that these bikes will only be available in the selected dealerships. They will be imported as CBU units from the company’s factories in Berlin, Germany.

The waiting period of these premium bikes may range from anywhere between a week to 3 Months depending upon the availability and the import time of the bikes. As far as the bikes being offered are concerned, BMW is offering variety of bikes viz. naked bikes, Sports bikes and touring bikes.

The prices of these bikes are also quite high like those of BMW cars. The R1200R the naked street bike comes with a price tag of Rs.16,06,419 and its upgraded the sports full faired version, HP2, sports a price tag of around Rs. 25,35,187 (All prices based on Mumbai OTR ).

Apart from these above mentioned models, the company also has certain models of price ranging from 16 to 25 lakhs that includes R1200GS and its high end variant R1200GS Adv. There are also naked bikes introduced by the company viz.K1300R and K1600R GTL.

BMW might have decided to go ahead with this plan because they found India as a developing market for premium bikes with too many bike makers launching their bikes every now and then. All in all, one can only say that the market is flooding itself up with lot of premium bike makers to choose from.