G310 RR vs Apache 310 – How Different Are They??

BMW G310 RR vs Apache 310 differences list is very small as they are same motorcycles sold under different brands…

So, by now you must’ve been bombarded with reports stating that BMW Motorrad India have added a 3rd model to their 310 platform – BMW G 310 RR – boasting supersport aesthetics. 

Furthermore, it should not come as a surprise to you that the new BMW G 310 RR is technically a re-badged TVS Apache RR 310 sportbike which the company have on sale in Standard and Built To Order (BTO) variants. 

Yet, you must be asking yourself – there has to be some difference between the two supersport bikes, right??

Let’s talk about it – 

BMW G310 RR vs Apache 310 Differences

G310 RR vs Apache 310 differences
  • The most significant difference which you can see at the first glance is the badging and the paint scheme. 

While the Apache RR 310 is offered in Racing Red and Titanium Black colour, BMW is offering their sportbike in their 2 traditional colours. The G 310 RR is offered in Cosmic Black colour priced as Rs. 2.85 Lakh and Style Sport colour scheme inspired from their beastly HP4 Race bike, priced at Rs. 2.99 Lakh. 

  • Another significant change between the two supersport models is the tyres they ride on. 

While the Apache RR 310 is sporting highly capable Michelin Road 5s performance rubber, BMW Motorrad have cheaped out here and are offering Michelin Pilot Street rubber, more suitable for street riding. Very ironic!!

  • Coming to minor changes, the brake rotors used on respective bikes are different, as well as the 5” TFT UI also features different elements and graphics. 

The Apache RR 310 is using petal-rotors which, we know, offers better bite and feedback to the rider during hard/normal braking. BMW, on the other hand, rides on round rotors. 

The 5” TFT instrumentation is the same vertically-oriented unit on both bikes, but sport the individual company’s badging and UI elements. The BMW G310 RR also misses out on Bluetooth connectivity feature as well. 

  • No adjustable suspension on the BMW G 310 RR – not even as an option. 

While the Apache RR 310 offers adjustable suspension, clip-on handlebars, rear-set footpegs etc. as optional equipment using the Built To Order (BTO) configurator, BMW surprisingly is not offering the adjustable suspension on their sportbike not even as an optional accessory. 

Maybe the Bavarian company might offer the new suspension as an option down the line. 

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BMW G 310 RR vs. TVS Apache RR 310 – Similarities

G310 RR vs Apache 310 differences
  • Well, other than the pointers mentioned above, the rest of the bikes are identical. 
  • The design of the fairing, the chassis, the engine, the stance, and even the riding modes and their tuning, all are similar on the two supersport bikes. 
  • The engine is the same 312.2 cc, single-cylinder motor that that makes 34 HP and 27 Nm of torque and is connected to a 6-speed transmission – aided by a Slip & Assist clutch. 
  • The kerb weight is also identical – weighing in at 174 kg. 
  • The 4-riding modes – Track, Sport, Urban and Rain – also continues to feature the same configuration where the Urban and Rain reduce output to 26 HP and 25 Nm and also alter the throttle response and ABS calibration. 

So, the question is – will you pay a premium for just the BMW badge…?