Someone Has Just Bought BMW’s 10 Lakh Scooter

BMW C400 GT deliveries have commenced in India shortly after its official launch. But how many of such kinds will the German get…?

While we wonder what kind of a customer base is BMW Motorrrad targeting with its first scooter in India – the C400 GT, it has already found its first customer.

Navnit – its dealer from Mumbai has posted pics of the first delivery of C400 GT. The maxi-scooter has become the costliest scooter in India and comes with performance figures that can put to shame some motorcycles. However, at that price tag of Rs 9.95 Lakh ex-showrooom, it is atrociously costly.

bmw c400 gt deliveries

The reason for such an insane price tag is that the scooter has been brought here as a CBU (Completely Built Unit) that means it attracts higher taxes than the original price of the model. So, effectively, the price would be around 4.5-5 Lakh but because of over 100 percent levies, it costs close to that Rs 10 Lakh mark – where you can get some insanely powerful motorcycles – including our favorite Z900!

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bmw c400 gt deliveries

To put some counter, the C400 GT does come with some very interesting features like 15-14 inch tyre combination, twin front disc brakes, Antilock Braking System, keyless ride, LED headlamps, LED DRLs, etc.

Now that the maker has achieved the milestone of the first customer, we keenly wait to see when will it reach that number of 10 units.