BikeAdvice 2.0 (Beta)

As many of you would have noticed already, we have changed the design of BikeAdvice. Many people have requested for this change and here we are with a brand new design. After a lot of confusion about which kind of design is best… we finally decided to go with the Google style simple layout. This kind of design is easier to read the main thing – the content.

We are still in Beta stage and we will be tweaking and tinkering the theme for the next few weeks. Some of the major changes notable now are:

  • More beautiful and easier to read Verdana font
  • Ability to reply to comments 🙂
  • Less color distractions and more focus on main content
  • Drop down menu for archives to save space
  • Less ad clutter for more readability

If there are any other suggestions for change in design please let me know in the comments below.

– Deepak