Bike Modifications – It’s Pros and Cons

While I was roaming around the Auto Expo at Bangalore, I came across a stall which showcased modified bikes. I met Mr. Bharath Jain who was the owner of a bike modification store at Bangalore and I talked with him about the concept of bike modifications. If you ever thought of modifying your bike, you need to go through this article before taking action.

Personally I wouldn’t go for a bike modification for two reasons, firstly, the originality of the bike is manipulated and secondly, the service center people will not be very happy with you because of technical difficulties that they would need to encounter. Sometimes they may even neglect to service your bike.

If you are a college student who expects people to turn heads at you when you enter the gates, but if you cannot afford to buy a bike like Yamaha R1, then you can consider a bike mod. The bike that you see in this picture is a Pulsar 200cc modified to look like a Yamaha R1. It costs around Rs.45,000 – 50,000 for this work and may take up to one month to get it done, according Mr.Jain. They also modify other bikes like Honda CBF Stunner, Unicorn, CBZ etc.

You can also go for small mods like installing an extra silencer, widening the size of rear tyre, modifying the handle bar with downward bend, changing shock absorbers, unique alloy wheels and so on. You can also express your creativity with snazzy stickers, bright paints, duplicate logos of foreign bikes, holograms and a various other enhancements to add glamor to your bike.

All the parts for this mod are manufactured in India and may not have the finish of a original bike. Also the ergonomics will be completely affected since their design is nowhere near the scientific design of the bike manufacturers. You cannot use this bike for long trips and only suitable for short rides within the city.

You can modify your bike not just like an R1 but also a variety of different models. If you are interested in getting a catalog and more information about the possible modifications for your bike, dial 0-98868-74127 or 080-4124-7674 and ask for Mr. Bharath Jain. (And tell him that you read about this at BikeAdvice!).