Benelli Trek Amazonas 1130 Delayed: New Hyosung ST7 Coming Soon [Exclusive]

DSK, at the India Bike Week 2015 had confirmed that they will launch three new products – the TNT 25, Blackster cruiser and Trek Amazonas 1130 soon. With the Blackster already on the backburner, the Amazonas 1130 is what the enthusiasts had been waiting for…

However, the bike was sadly not launched last year. At a recent press conference when we spoke to Mr Shirish Kulkarni, Chairman DSK Motowheels, he confirmed that the launch of the bike has been delayed for now. The Trek Amazonas 1130 is set to be brought in the country via the Completely Built Unit (CBU) route while they are right now concentrating more on the CKD (Completely Knocked Down) forms.

Trek Amazonas

He however confirmed that the bike will be launched in India, but much later. But what is coming sooner to us is the very interesting Benelli TRK 502. (More details)

Hyosung ST7 Review (5)

He also added that Hyosung is also planning to introduce a minor update to the ST7. The lanky cruiser will get changes to the internal engine components. However these changes can be expected to be introduced to make the bike more compatible to the stricter emission norms. Mr Shirish also informed us that ST7 has been doing quite well of late, this despite the fact that they also have the Aquila 650 (link to review) in the same stable…